Marine data to support aquaculture in the Mediterranean and Black Seas

Co-organised by EATiP, EMODnet, Copernicus Marine (CMEMS) and DG MARE/DG DEFIS

When? March 24-25 (tentative) (3 hour meeting each day 10:00-13:00 CET)

Where? Online: Invitation-only

Who will attend? Aquaculture industry and authorities (focus Mediterranean/Black Sea), EMODnet and CMEMS representatives, European Commission policy, some invited projects e.g. Blue-Cloud, EuroSea, FORCOAST, other…

What is the workshop about? The main goal of the workshop is to find ways to make better use of existing, free marine data and services offered by Copernicus Marine Service and EMODnet, in combination with farm data and data from coastal authorities. To achieve a common understanding and provide ideas for best practice, the workshop brings together industry practitioners in the Aquaculture sector, marine environmental data producers, coastal authorities and key open source marine data managers (EMODnet and CMEMS). The meeting is designed for maximum interaction between participants, with (online) breakout discussions led by a professional facilitator.

The October event on the North-Atlantic gathered more than 60 expert and end users of data (37% aquaculture industry, 37% policy/coastal managers, 24% researchers/modelers). Its final report is available at MARINE DATA TO SUPPORT AQUACULTURE IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC. The EC has requested a similar report for the Mediterranean / Black Sea.

We now need to identify potential participants whom we can invite to the event, and to clarify the type of data that is already monitored by aquaculture stakeholders and governing authorities. Are you interested to join or to contribute?  Please let us know by the end of January. A formal invitation will then be sent out.