Introducing Sarah Joly

The EATiP Secretariat are delighted to be hosting an intern for the third consecutive year, continuing our tradition of taking a student from the University of Liège who is studying for a Masters in Oceanography.

This year we are delighted to welcome Sarah Joly.

Sarah will be assisting the EATiP team  on a number of project and administrative tasks and we look forward to her getting to know both our diverse projects and membership in more detail.  In a short message that Sarah provided by way of introducing herself to the EATiP Platform, we were struck with her clear understanding of the need to balance the public demand for sustainable industries with the increasingly important role of aquaculture in the provision of Blue Foods to the European market.

“I support the concept of aquaculture, the need to farm fish, shellfish and algae, but also appreciate the consumer perspective of wishing to see “sustainable” industries. In summary, I am in line with the socio-economic vision for the development of the aquaculture sector and the wider blue economy.”

Sarah Joly – 2nd Year Masters Student at the University of Liège



Although the intern position is only for one month, it looks like Sarah will be returning to the aquaculture community before too long, going on to tell us, “I was lucky enough to get an internship at EATIP. This gives me an opportunity for concrete consideration of the practical issues relating to aquaculture. This apprenticeship also gives me the opportunity to consider the range of work and opportunities in this field. This is something that I would like to pursue after my university studies have concluded.”

We look forward to working with Sarah and showing the wealth of opportunities there are in aquaculture – as demonstrated across our diverse platform membership and to demonstrate to her trends and priorities in the aquaculture research and innovation network, both in terms of industry priorities but also from the perspectives of policy considerations.   We thank our supporters and members for their welcome to Sarah over the next few weeks – let’s see what opportunities might arise!

EATiP Internship – 2022

We are delighted to inform Platform members and EATiP supporters that following on from our successful trial last year, we will be hosting another intern at the EATiP office – this time during the first half of February with a second two week block scheduled for the early summer.

Estelle Bertimes is a 22 year old Belgian student, who is currently studying in her second year of a Masters in Oceanography at the University of Liège, Belgium.

Estelle Bertimes, our 2nd EATiP intern.

As part of the Master programme, students have to experience a one-month internship in an organisation linked to the broad field of oceanography. For this internship, Estelle expressed a wish to work with the EATIP to experience a different point of view with regard to oceanography and to learn how aquaculture is included in ocean science.

It is Estelle’s view that “aquaculture is the future for marine organism production and I feel it is important to learn more about it.”   A further attraction is the wide range of conferences and events with which EATiP engage (although sadly most are still online at the moment…) with Estelle adding that she is “interested in learning everything especially when it comes to biology, environment or general science topics“.

Certain tasks have been identified by the Secretariat that Estelle will be able to work on independently whilst helping us, including analysis of our EATiP Forum events and also liaison work with our EATiP Mirror Platforms.  We thank members and supporters in advance for your support and willingness to engage with Estelle’s work to help the EATiP platform.

Bienvenue à bord Estelle!

Introducing… our 1st EATiP Stagiaire

We are delighted to have a stagiaire working with the EATiP office (virtually…) for the month of February.

Alexandre Kabore is a student at the University of Liège.  Having completed his bachelor’s degree in physics – also at ULiège – he is currently finishing a Masters in Oceanography.

Alexandre Kabore

In this context, Alex will be spending his one-month internship at EATIP to learn more about organisational aspects of the aquaculture sector.

Our secretariat have identified various work streams that Alex can help with – with regard to data and mapping exercises for aquaculture linked organisations – and we will be providing him with various contacts and addresses to approach relating to this work.  So if you are approached by an Alex Kabore representing EATiP, then please accept this web post as a first introduction and thank you in advance for your welcome and assistance during his stage with our organisation.

This is the first time EATiP has hosted a student stagiaire and upon the conclusion of the exercise we will be reviewing how things worked out and what scope we might have in the future for further university collaborations with EATiP members and linked organisations.  If you have any thoughts on that topic, please get in touch with us!