The Vision

In 2030, European aquaculture will be sustainable and globally competitive – a dynamic activity in coastal and inland economies, not only supplying significant amounts of high quality and nutritious food to the consumer but also diversifying to provide a range of new products and integrated services.
Aquaculture production will grow and diversify in Europe, following consumer and market demands, adapting to climatic and geographic circumstances, in harmony with nature and society.
This will be achieved by enhancing husbandry, welfare, technology and knowledge management while improving the understanding of the factors influencing development, be these technical, commercial or social, to assure the sustainability of European aquaculture and its global role in technological leadership.
The vision of the European aquaculture industry is, by the year 2030, to provide annually 4.5 million tons of sustainable food products, worth € 14 billion, and supporting more than 150,000 direct jobs.

Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA)

 The EATiP SRIA identifies goals, within 8 different thematic areas, important to achieve in order to unlock the potential of aquaculture in Europe. It explores opportunities and challenges for growth as well as the research and associated actions required to respond to them. Five years after the publication of the SRIA a review document was published, taking into consideration views of all aquaculture relevant platforms and organisations.

EATIP 8 Thematic Areas

The EATiP Vision was developed through the actions of its 8 Thematic Areas, overseen by the EATiP Board of Directors, which were facilitated by the FP7 ‘Aquainnova’ project that allowed the participation of and consultation with more than 500 stakeholders in European aquaculture.

  • Product Quality, Consumer Safety and Health

  • Technology and Systems

  • Managing the Biological Life Cycle

  • Sustainable Feed Production

  • Integration with the Environment

  • Knowledge Management

  • Aquatic Animal Health and Welfare

  • Socio-economics, Management & Governance

Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda


Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda