Aquaculture producers, suppliers, research organisations, universities, associations, NGO’s are invited to become a member of EATiP.

As an EATiP member you are:

  • joining the recognized and trusted organisation for linking research, technology and innovation between the European Commission and the aquaculture sector
  • given the opportunity to share knowledge with the most important aquaculture stakeholders across the private and public sector
  • contributing to our mission of bringing research and development priorities to the European agenda
  • levering your opinions on research, technology and innovation requirements and challenges to authorities at a European level
  • engaging in discussions to deliver common priorities
  • get access to policy documents and other information that is crucial for the development of aquaculture in Europe

What are the responsibilities of Membership?

EATiP members pay an annual fee, on the basis of a fixed system, approved by the General Assembly.  If payment are no longer effectuated, the member will be considered to have resigned.

Apply to become an EATiP member by filling this form !

Professional Companies

As of 2022 and as agreed at the General Assembly of the platform, EATiP calculates membership fees based on full time equivalent (FTE) staffing levels.

For professional companies, the fees in any year are calculated on the basis of the organizational head count.  Please note that this figure relates to staff actively working on the aquaculture programme – i.e. for large or multi-divisional companies, it is only those staff working on aquaculture related issues that require to be declared. FTE staff head count, as indicated in the table below, is the basis for fee calculation.

Headcount € Fee Votes
Start up: <10 € 520 1
Small: <50 €1,040 2
Medium: <250 €2,080 5
Large: >250 €7,800 10

Research Organisations

For RTD institutes/Universities, the fees are calculated on staffing levels of persons (researchers/technicians working on aquaculture) in the previous year. Institutes/ Universities must provide a statement to this effect, authorised (signature and stamp) by a senior representative.

Research Personnel € Fee Votes
<5 € 520 1
5-15 €1,040 2
15-50 €1,560 3
>50 €2,600 4


AssociationsFederations and Civil Society organisations that are representative of aquaculture pay a block fee of € 520 each year and have 5 votes.

Associate Members

Associate Members (individual persons) pay an annual fee of €104 but have no voting rights.

Mirror Platforms

Networks interested to become an EATiP Mirror Platform, please check the conditions and criteria as outlined in the Terms of References and contact