Preventing marine litter: Questionnaire from EMFF-funded BLUENET project

With the EMFF-funded BLUENET project, measures are being made to prevent marine litter generation, by creating new life for abandoned, lost or discarded fishing and aquaculture gears.

The European funded project BLUENET aims at testing actions that can prevent and reduce marine litter from fisheries and Aquaculture. BLUENET is seeking information regarding the perception of aquaculture and the lifecycle of the components used in aquaculture production. Therefore, the aim of this questionnaire is to obtain information from different aquaculture value chain stakeholders, including consumers, researchers, gear manufacturers, policy makers, producers, etc., to help us to set up actions that could help to reduce the rate of gear loss at sea, improve their performance and increase the capacity for recovery and recycling. We would really appreciate if you could contribute to this research with your knowledge by completing this questionnaire and forwarding it to your relevant contacts:

Questionnaire in English:;

Questionnaire in Spanish:

Thank you in advance for your support!

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