Launch of the Hellenic Technology Platform for Aquaculture (HE.TE.P.A)

A technology platform for aquaculture has been set up in Greece with main objective to support the sustainable development of the sector.  The Hellenic Technology Platform for Aquaculture (HE.TE.P.A) is an industry led initiative within the context of the European Technology Platforms aiming to become a key player in driving innovation, knowledge transfer and competitiveness to the aquaculture industry in Greece.

Main stakeholders of the platform are experts from the industry and the academia who joined forces in order to shape the research agenda, identify R&D goals and mobilize both the private and public sector.  As expected, the platform will, amongst others, develop an industry led research agenda, deliver solutions and foster networking at national and international level.

Mr. Leonidas Papaharisis, chairman of HETEPA, following the election of the first BoD expressed his strong satisfaction for the creation of HETEPA as it marks will support the industry in becoming more competitive and maintain its leading position in Mediterranean aquaculture.

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