EATiP interaction with the European Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Commission (EIFAAC)


EATiP was invited to the 30th EIFAAC session as observer and was represented by Mr. Laszlo Varadi (HUNATiP) who introduced the function and relevant activities of EATiP to the delegates.

A mission to promote improvement of inland fisheries and aquaculture

EIFAAC is part of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), and has a mission to promote long-term sustainable development, utilization, conservation, restoration and responsible management of European inland fisheries and aquaculture.

The organization has 34 members, both EU and non-EU European countries, including the European Commission.

Main goals

One of EIFAAC’s main goals from 2020 till 2021 is to be a leading Pan-European Organisation providing policy advice in inland fisheries and aquaculture, consistent with the objectives and principles of the FAO and other relevant international instruments.

Their second goal is to deliver technical and managerial advice, information and coordination on matters related to inland fisheries and aquaculture to its members and serves as an international network of organisation, stakeholders, communities and intergovernmental organisations.

EIFAAC’s third goal is to implements efficient delivery of its organisations and Members’ objectives in accordance with FAO principles and best international practices, via EFAAC’s structures, processes and procedures.

Aims to strengthen collaboration with EIFAAC

EATiP encourages the initiative from EIFAAC to improve mutual interactions on the definition of specific topics of common concern and potential collaboration on a regional level.

The Mirror Platform HUNATiP will proceed with strengthening this collaboration.


Focus of EU EATiP Day at AE19: Promoting food security and new value chains in aquaculture

This year’s Aquaculture Europe 19′ event will be held in Berlin, Germany, 7-10 October 2019.  ‘Our Future: Growing from Water’ is the theme of the annual event, which will be held in Berlin, Germany this year 7-10 October 2019.

For more information about the AE2019 event, please visit this link.

On the EU EATiP Day, the focus will be on aquaculture with a low impact and high output – a sector that can promote food security and develop new value chains. The session on October 9 will gather existing expertise in this field and discuss the critical knowledge gaps that remain to be filled.

Speakers from DG RTD will set the need for aquaculture research and innovation in a Horizon Europe perspective, whereas DG MARE will introduce the process for reviewing the current aquaculture strategic guidelines.

Growing need for aquatic products – EU funded projects will pitch results

The potential of low-trophic species as human food and aquaculture feed will be reflected upon by feed companies, aquaculture producers, service suppliers and market analysts.

EU funded projects AQUAVITAE, AQUAOLIVE, MACRO CASCADE, SEAFOODtomorrow, GAIN and VIVALDI will pitch their latest results and how they can serve a growing need for new aquatic products.

Important questions to be answered

What measures need to be taken to support a competitive aquaculture with a low carbon footprint? Which technologies are considered to be essential? How to select new appropriate species? And how far can/should we go to feed carnivorous fish with plant material? Answers to this and more will be provided by project leaders and industry representatives during two consequent panel debates.

The EC and EATiP wish to use this feedback to stimulate future collaborative actions, and hence support the ambition of European aquaculture to contribute to the global Zero Hunger vision.

Join us in Berlin for the EU EATiP Day, and visit our Booth #149!


From Research Innovation to Industry Application: AQUAEXCEL2020 Brokerage Event 9th of October


AQUAEXCEL2020 press release: September 2019


AQUAEXCEL2020 is a leading aquaculture research project funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 programme, which integrates leading European aquaculture research facilities and enables them to work together to support the sustainable growth of the aquaculture sector in Europe. The innovative research carried out within the project’s framework is focused on producing industry-applicable outputs and bringing the aquaculture sector in Europe to a new level.

The latest industry-relevant outputs from the project will be presented and discussed at the upcoming AQUAEXCEL2020 industry brokerage event, taking place on the 9th of October 2019 (15:40hrs – 18:00hrs), as part of the EU EATiP Day at the Aquaculture Europe 2019 conference in Berlin. This forum for engagement and exchange will be hosted by the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATiP) and AquaTT, both partners in AQUAEXCEL2020.

Supporting research innovation to industry application is key to AQUAEXCEL2020, and involves maintaining active engagement between researchers and aquaculture industry stakeholders. This brokerage event provides an excellent opportunity to share with aquaculture industry stakeholders some of the many innovative outputs emerging directly from the varied research within the AQUAEXCEL2020 project, and also through its Transnational Access (TNA) programme. The TNA programme funds access to 39 top aquaculture research facilities across Europe, offering researchers the possibility to undertake experimental trials on commercially important aquaculture fish species and system types.


Important pitches regarding European aquaculture

The industry brokerage event will include pitches of several knowledge outputs of high potential for the European aquaculture industry. The outputs to be presented were selected by the AQUAEXCEL2020 Industry and Research Advisory Panel (IRAP) which comprises high-level professionals from the aquaculture industry and research sectors.
The schedule will include a presentation from Dr. Jovanka Lukic on the effects of Lactic Acid Bacteria applied either through live feed or commercial dry feed, on growth and microflora of larval pike perch. Also presenting on the rapidly evolving area of fish feed will be Ana Basto, who will discuss outcomes of research on European seabass fed by the mealworm Tenebrio molitor. The principal aim of this research was to assess the use of large quantities of insects as protein sources to replace fishmeal in diets for sea bass, and to examine possible effects on their growth and welfare. Insect-meal replacements are a popular research topic, and Dr. Stavros Chatzifotis will highlight their findings looking at three different types of insect meal replacements.

Along with fish nutrition there will be various other aquaculture research areas covered. Dr. Josep Calduch-Giner will present a protocol for early life management for optimal fish performance, highlighting surprising findings in relation to low O2 (hypoxic) conditions at early life stages of gilthead sea bream and its impact later in life. In terms of fish disease, Dr. Carla Piazzon will present on gene expression analysis of Atlantic salmon gills and how it reveals certain key molecules during amoebic gill disease, one of the main health challenges for the marine Atlantic salmon industry worldwide. It is expected that the findings could contribute to a more timely and accurate detection of the disease which will prevent stock losses and improve fish welfare. Please visit the project website for a full list of topics which will be covered at the event.


Presenting innovative findings and developments from AQUAEXCEL2020

In addition to the high potential knowledge outputs, innovative findings and developments from the AQUAEXCEL2020 project will be presented, one of which is AE-FishBIT. This tiny device is designed to be attached to the operculum of farmed fish for individual monitoring of their metabolic traits. The newly patented tool is the result of collaboration amongst biologists, engineers and bioinformaticians from two AQUAEXCEL2020 institutes. The makers are now looking for collaborators to manufacture the product and /or license the patent to bring the device to market.

The next and final AQUAEXCEL2020 industry brokerage event will be held at next year’s Aquaculture Europe 2020 event in Cork (Ireland), presenting the latest high-potential industry-relevant outputs that will be resulting from the final year of the project.

To find out more about the recent research findings from AQUAEXCEL2020 and their applicability to industry, please visit the project’s website:



  • AQUAEXCEL2020 is a research and innovation action funded under the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020. The project runs for five years from 2015 to 2020, with a total budget of €9.7 million funded by the EU.
  • The AQUAEXCEL2020 consortium includes 22 partner organisations offering access to 39 top level aquaculture facilities in 12 European countries. The project is coordinated by the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) in France. AquaTT (Ireland) is the project dissemination partner.

EAStalk with EATiP General Secretary: ‘Co-creating aquaculture awareness on a European level’.

General secratary of EATiP, Alexandra Neyts will be giving a talk at EAS’ (European Aquaculture Society) upcoming webinar.

The topic of this talk is Co-creating aquaculture awareness on a European level.

Save the time and date: October 1st, 14:00 (GMT+2).

To sign up for the event, follow this link:

Practical guidelines on how to participate will be provided here: