EATiP included in SCAR-FISH

SCAR-FISH is one of the Strategic Working Groups of the Standing Committee on Agriculture Research established by the European Commission as a source of scientific advice.  It consists of representatives from research organisations and institutions in different countries of the European Research Area. In 2018, they published a comprehensive report on Fish Welfare.  On February 19, Alexandra Neyts presented EATiP and the opportunities for joint actions in order to strengthen aquaculture in the European bioeconomy.  EATiP was granted the status of observer in SCAR-FISH and will assist in its meetings to represent the opinion of the European aquaculture sector.

Newsletter of the 9th Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel meeting

The 9th Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel meeting was held in Brussels on 23 February 2018.  It was organized by the Unit F.1. Bioeconomy Strategy, DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission.  An update of the 2012 Bioeconomy Strategy is a Commission wide policy priority for 2018, with the preparation of smart objectives, indicators and impacts.

The objective of the meeting was for the Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel to contribute with actions that the stakeholders could do themselves to move the bioeconomy forward.  Special attention is given on: stakeholder engagement, public awareness, education and skills, and local development of the Bioeconomy.


European Bioeconomy Stakeholders MANIFESTO

This manifesto is the result of a broad, open, extensive and inclusive consultation and dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders in the field of the bioeconomy. The intention is that the resulting manifesto will recognise the opportunities and challenges of developing the bioeconomy and provide inspiration to regions and Member States, at various stages of development of their bioeconomy strategies, as well as for the EU as a whole (…)