EcoAqua special session on “Outermost Regions and Islands” at Aqua 2018

EcoAqua will contribute to host a special session devoted to Aquaculture in the European Outermost Regions and Islands as part of the Aqua 2018 International conference, co-organized by the European and World Aquaculture Societies,  that will take place in Montpellier (France) under the theme “#We R Aquaculture” from 25 to 29 August 2018.

The objectives of that session is to present the state of the art and bring together researchers, policy-makers, managers, producers and other stakeholders working on different aspects of Aquaculture in the Outermost Regions of Europe as well as in islands around the world.  The session may include such topics as aquaculture development and policy, interactions with the society and environment, novel approaches and/or techniques adapted to local conditions, feeding and nutrition, broodstock or larval rearing, spatial planning, diseases, aquaponics, …

EcoAqua would like to cordially invite you to participate to this session of Aqua 2018 dedicated to Aquaculture in the ORs, OCTs and Islands as it will be a fantastic opportunity to show up the wealth and recent developments of Aquaculture research in those territories.


Abstracts for Oral or Poster presentation are to be submitted ONLY directly at the AQUA 2018 website. The deadline for submission has been set to the 10th of April 2018.

We would also like to take the opportunity to remind you about the existence of the EcoAqua Platform and inform you that the EcoAqua website now includes a new tool that allows interested partners to register their data online and appear on the map of institutions with aquaculture expertise in ORs and OCTs.  This will allow setting up a new portal of overseas regions and territories aquaculture key expertise, facilitating the exchange of information between partners and advertising the aquaculture potential of these regions.   You are welcome to enter your key data here after having entered the word “EcoPortal” in the code section.  This code section has been established to reduce the possibility of having spam information being entered in the portal.