Annual General Meeting of the EATiP

The EATIP AGM was successfully held in Brussels on the 14th & 15th of June 2023 at the Manos Conference Center & Hotel.

Please see below the programme of the event:

Download (PDF, 2.65MB)

The presentations are available for EATiP members on our intranet.

Lorella de la Cruz Iglesias (EC DG MARE), Gustavo Larrazábal (EATIP President), David Bassett (EATIP General Secretary)

Alexandra Neyts (EATIP)







Gustavo Larrazábal, was thanked for 14 years of Presidency (2009-2023) and exceptional service to research and innovation in European Aquaculture. CONGRATULATIONS! especially since he received two weeks before the FEAP Award for Excellence in European Aquaculture.