In 2010, EATIP became involved in a range of different activities, many of which target improved governance and direction for RTDI actions in Europe.  Some of these activities are more horizontal and policy-oriented, such as participation as an observer in the Standing Committee on Agriculture Research (SCAR).

Furthermore, EATIP plays a role in several European projects (Supporting Actions) that are looking to improve consultation and direction for development, particularly on aquaculture.

Here are the the previous projects EATIP was involved in:

An FP7 project focusing on the creation of an international framework that will facilitate the development of vision documents and strategic research agendas on the sectoral components of European aquaculture.

ASEM Aquaculture Platform, established in 2003 as an EU-Asia framework for dialogue, networking and continuing coordination for sustainable aquaculture development, targeting key topics such as ‘Disease & Health management’, ‘Biodiversity & Ecological impacts’, ‘Breeding & Domestication’, ‘Education’, ‘Food safety & Legislation’, ‘Food Security’.

AQUAMED aimed at making a real contribution to strengthening the links between the major research organisations and key stakeholders across the whole Mediterranean region by setting up a multi-stakeholder platform.