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    EATiP is a recognised European Technology Platform dedicated to develop, support and promote technology and innovation in the aquaculture sector.

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The Vision

The Vision of the European aquaculture industry is, by the year 2030, to provide annually 4.5 million tons of sustainable food products, worth € 14 billion, and supporting more than 150,000 direct jobs.

EATIP Members

Companies, Institutions, Universities, Associations, Federations, Organisations & Observers with a declared and professional interest in the sustainable development of European aquaculture.


EATiP plays a role in European projects, holds Forum on hot topics, organises events that are looking to improve innovation in aquaculture.

What are ETP’s ?

European Technology Platforms (ETPs) are industry-led stakeholder fora recognised by the European Commission as key actors in driving innovation, knowledge transfer and European competitiveness.


The Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA) :  a Vision for the future of aquaculture according to the 8 EATIP Thematic Areas.

Moving Forward

EATIP provides leverage to its members by being an interface between the aquaculture industry and the European Commission.

EATIP seeks your support !

Identifying Synergies

EATIP has pro-active contacts with other European Technology Platforms, notably with those developing the Bioeconomy, so as to identify and promote synergies that can stimulate innovation within European aquaculture.


The mandate of EATiP is to facilitate multi-stakeholder interactions, promote research and innovation of high relevance to the sector, and stimulate the uptake of scientific results with a high impact potential. Feedback is provided to strategic processes of relevance to the sector and recommendations are given towards European funding programmes to better co-ordinate, stimulate, support and promote technology and innovation for unlocking the potential of European aquaculture.

40 species

raised in European aquaculture

3 million tons

of fish and molluscs – European Continent

9 billion €

ex-farm value

3.2 million tons

of formulated feeds

200,000 jobs

in direct and indirect employment

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