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EATiP in Government Europa: How to approach aquaculture innovation

European aquaculture encompasses the cultivation of a wide range of fish and shellfish species and is a truly pan-European production activity, which has grown rapidly from a cottage industry in the 1960s into an industrial sector that is composed of multinational companies, SMEs and family firms. A common thread to each of aquaculture’s components is the […]

Involved in aquaculture research? Aquaexcel2020 16th call for access is now open

Researchers involved in aquaculture can now apply for full EC-funded access to top-class research facilities, with AQUAEXCEL2020,now that the 16th call for access is open. The following is retrieved from the AQUAEXCEL2020 website, where you can read the original post.  On a regular basis, the AQUAEXCEL2020 project will invite proposals from European research groups for scientific […]

EU EATiP Day presentations (Aquaculture Europe ’19)

As a response to the call for food and feed security, parallel to the needed climate, circularity, spatial planning and biodiversity actions, attention at this year’s EU EATiP day was given to low-trophic aquaculture. With its potential to create a high output while minimizing its impact, new value chains in aquaculture based on shellfish, algae […]

Copernicus Opportunities For aquaculture

EATiP and the Copernicus Marine Service organized a joint event in Athens to explore the application possibilities of the available open-access satellite and in-situ marine data for the aquaculture sector. About 70 participants from all over Europe joined the workshop and training event to learn more about the sector’s need for data when operating at […]

Aquaexcel2020 newsletter issue 7: Biomonitoring of fish performance, training courses and events

AQUAEXCEL2020 is a €9.7 million European Union-funded Horizon 2020 research infrastructure project that aims to support the sustainable growth of the aquaculture sector in Europe. It does so by integrating the European aquaculture community, and providing it with crucial tools, facilities, and novel services to conduct advanced fish research. In Aquaexcel’s newest newsletter you can […]