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EATiP AGM 2017

The Annual General Meeting of the EATiP took place successfully  in the Martin's Brussels EU Hotel on the 7th and 8th of June 2017.

The event started with a well attended EATiP Mirror Platform meeting (MiP) where a review on the annual achievements was made and recommendations were given regarding the involvement of the MiP in EATiP projects and actions. Terms of Reference for Mirror Platforms were agreed and new activities for 2017-2018 were defined for debate. At least 9 Mirror Platforms were identified for involvement in follow-up actions.

In the afternoon, the Chairman of the EATiP, Mr Gustavo Larrazábal, opened the 9th Annual General Meeting of the platform, welcoming the participants to the meeting and outlining the expectations for the work of EATiP as a European Technology Platform.

To follow, Dr Synnove Helland (NOFIMA) presented the results of the EATiP SRIA Survey, achieved in 2016, and Mr Courtney Hough (EATiP General Secretary) introduced the review and prioritisation documents, explaining the exercise of identification of Research Needs and Key messages to communicate in the EATiP SRIA 'revision'. This involved all of the participants in a topic identification and ranking exercise. The results of these initiatives will be compiled in the EATiP SRIA review that will be presented in Aquaculture Europe 2017.

The second part of the session was dedicated to Knowledge Management, where Mrs Catherine Pons (EATiP) presented two ERASMUS+ project : e-fishnet and BlueEdu, Mr David Murphy (AquaTT) explained the objectives of the Columbus project, and Mrs Alexandra Neyts reported on AQUAEXCEL2020 project's achievements and the role of EATiP - Industry Research and Advisory Panel (IRAP).

The last session of Day 1 was dedicated to an open discussion about the EATiP-EAS Day to be held at Aquaculture Europe 2017 on Oct. 17-20, 2017




Research Needs - Prioritisation exercise

The Annual Meeting of the EATiP continued on the 8th June with a session on International Cooperation, where Mr David Bassett (EURASTiP project manager) presented the EURASTiP project, indicating the roles of the partners and the MiP within the pillars of this new 3-year project.

Ms Paola Reale (EC DG Research & Innovation) followed with a complete report of the South Atlantic (Brazil/South Africa) international cooperation actions held in 2016 and the upcoming 'Blue Enlightenment' event that will lead to new opportunities for cooperation actions in research and innovation.

The meeting closed after the official General Assembly where financial accounts and budget were approved and new office holders were elected to the Board of Directors.

All presentations are available for download below.


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01. Mirror Platforms  Download (409,535 kb)
Statues, role and future activities - by Alexandra Neyts (NTNU)
02. Examples of good practices  Download (371,855 kb)
SME driven initatives, by David Murphy (AQUATT)
03. Presentation of EATiP SRIA Survey  Download (863,38 kb)
Results and Conclusions, by Synnove Helland (NOFIMA)
04. Knowledge Management / e-Fishnet  Download (531,108 kb)
ERASMUS+ e-Fishnet project, by Catherine Pons (EATiP)
05. Knowledge Management / BlueEDU  Download (571,238 kb)
ERASMUS+ BlueEDU project, by Catherine Pons (EATiP)
06. Knowledge Management / Columbus  Download (881,278 kb)
Columbus project, by David Murphy (AQUATT)
07. AQUAEXCEL2020  Download (1,168039 Mb)
AQUAEXCEL 2020 and role of IRAP (Industry Research and Avisory Panel), by Alexandra Neyts (NTNU)
08. EURASTiP  Download (475,211 kb)
EURASTiP project, by David Bassett (project manager)
09. EATiP Engagement  Download (594,22 kb)
EATiP engagement, by Courtney Hough (EATiP)
Agenda EATiP AGM Day 1  Download (1,287620 Mb)
EATiP Annual General Assembly - Brussels, 7th June 2017
Agenda EATiP AGM Day2  Download (759,114 kb)
EATiP Annual General Assembly - Brussels, 8th June 2017
Final list of participants EATiP AGM  Download (141,418 kb)
EATiP AGM 2017 - 7th&8th June 2017 - Final list of participants

Annual General Meeting - Brussels, 7 & 8 June 2017. Presentations now online.