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Aquaculture Europe 2016

“Food for thought”  means something to think about, something to be seriously considered and something that provides mental stimulation and nourishment.
Aquaculture in Europe has plateaued resulting in overall output remaining more or less constant in volume since 2000.

The Aquaculture Europe 2016 will present the latest science to support further development and industry panels will discuss key opportunities and identify areas to encourage further sustainable growth in aquaculture. The morning plenary sessions will address different aspects of the event theme in a novel way.

AE2016 will be held on September 20-23, 2016 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. Read more 


The EATiP will organise a special one-day event of panel discussions focussing on relevant and timely issues for the sector.


Defining issues and identifying needs”.

Aquaculture Europe 2016, Edinburgh - Thursday, September 22, 10h30 to 17h00

Despite the stagnation in EU aquaculture development, both in shellfish and fish farming, during recent years, the multi-annual plans required for access to the new European Marine and Maritime Fund (EMFF) set out how European Member States (MS) intend to overcome the bottlenecks that are inhibiting growth in their national aquaculture sectors, and provide forecasts of production growth over the funding period.

Overall, the growth target within the EU is for a total of more than 1.5 million tonnes by 2020, an increase of over 300,000 tonnes (25%). This may, of course, be influenced by other external factors. The AE2016 EAS EATiP Day will be the third of its kind and will look to share experiences, views and opinions so as to define the key issues, needs and bottlenecks that have to be overcome to meet these objectives and ensure growth.

Following an overview of the EU Member State plans, a first panel debate will provide case studies from EU and Associated States to compare and contrast the factors that contribute to growth or to defining their strategies; focus will be given to actions that execute their plans.

The second panel will debate in more depth on those issues that have been previously identified as bottlenecks to growth, addressing and discussing these so as to identify how to overcome the obstacles and strengthen opportunities for sustainable development. 


Aquaculture Europe 2016 is organised by the European Aquaculture society with the cooperation and support of Marine Scotland, part of the Scottish Government, and The Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland

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