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CommNet, communicate research results in the bioeconomy

The CommNet’s 3rd Bioeconomy Forum & Final Conference, BUILDING THE BIOECONOMY - CREATING IMPACT THROUGH COMMUNICATION, will be held on the 2nd and 3rd Dec 2014, Crowne Plaza Hotel – Brussels.

It's time to look ahead to the future of Bioeconomy Communication and to look at what the CommNet network has achieved.

With CommNet’s 3rd Bioeconomy Forum and Final Conference in Brussels, the communications network will offer opportunities to learn from projects’ work and discuss how to create greater impact - from dissemination to communication.

Under the network's motto 'Communicating the Bioeconomy', projects will receive prizes for their excellent communication achievements. CommNet’s sound approach to matching business & policy makers with researchers will be demonstrated. Future trends on new Bioeconomy Chains and Science Communication in HORIZON 2020 will be discussed.  

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CommNetís 3rd Bioeconomy Forum & Final Conference - Brussels, 2-3 Dec 2014