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Annual General Meeting 2013

The 5th Annual Meeting of the EATiP was held in Brussels on the 10th September 2013 at the Hotel Metropole, Brussels. The meeting covered the role and future of EATiP following its official recognition as a European Technology Platform, including current and future actions that are being made to further the development of European aquaculture. The presentations made can be downloaded from the links at the bottom of the page.

Participants at the EATiP MeetingA range of recommendations were proposed for action, covering EATiP's future activities, promoting synergies and the potential for the integration of networking activities under the EATiP umbrella and how EATiP should evolve in line with the new ETP strategy. These should account not only for its achievements but also on how additional developments could respond to the needs of both the industrial and RTD communities. Contributing to growth and development of the industrial components of the European aquaculture is essential.

Commission representatives put forward that EATiP should not only liaise with the other Bio-Economy ETPs but also other developing initiatives, such as the Fisheries Platform proposed recently. An additional ambition for ETPs is that they should promote the involvement of the private sector in RTD actions and it was proposed that EATiP should try to map what RTD is being done in the private sector. The progression of ERANETS towards PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships) and the use of European Innovation Partnerships, dedicated to getting innovation into the field were also noted.

Additionally, EATiP was requested to look closely at the potential for international cooperation - specifically on Science and Technology - so as to make best use of European advantage in these areas.

The question of how to mobilise SMEs in both RTD and EATiP actions was a specific discussion point, raising the question of how to make such involvement attractive to SMEs, particularly for those who are yet to be involved in research.  While SMEs are often leaders in applying innovation, it remains very difficult to get SMEs actively involved in European actions and initiatives.EATiP Chairman Gustavo Larrazábal with Declan O'Brien (GAH), Marjolein Neuteboom (FABRE) and Bram Moeskops (Organics)

It was recommended that EATiP establish a contact base, to help mediate on information supply, so that ‘brokering’ of relevant information/knowledge could be made easier. While specialised conferences are attracting higher levels of industrial participation, it is necessary to find the right means to communicate and extend research and innovation to the SMEs.

This discussion was taken up in the EATiP Assembly on the following day where it was proposed that the SME mobilisation issue should be examined in more detail. Just using projects to achieve this is difficult and awkward. Although positive examples can be identified, it was agreed that a network mapping exercise needs to be done so as to better understand how and where SMEs are present and interested. Encouraging the actions of National (Mirror) Platforms and/or similar entities appears as a viable option since they have more direct contact with the SMEs. innovation.jpg

From the RTD perspective, AquaExcel and other projects provide significant opportunities but this approach could be taken further. Projects have a finite timeline and it is necessary to have longer term stability to improve such actions. A stepwise review approach was recommended, but this will need organisation and coordination.  It was agreed that EATiP would work on this so as to report with recommendations to the next Assembly in March 2014.

In conclusion, EATiP will take steps to review a number of different points so as to prepare recommendations for the next General Assembly, concerning:

  1. Formalised presentation of the EATIP Vision and SRIA to funding agencies so as to stimulate realisation of the Plan of Action
  2. Establish links and synergies with other Bio-Economy ETPs
    1. Strategy discussion within EC-ETP workshop (end 2013-start 2014)
  3. Recommendations for mobilisation of SMEs
  4. Creation of a Working Group devoted to actions on fish health (e.g. with ETP GAH and EAFP
  5. Enhancement of collaboration with AquaExcel
  6. Potential for EATiP actions on international cooperation on Science & Technology
  7. Potential for better integrating within EATiP the activities, actions and, where appropriate, the products of AquaMed, Euroshell , Larvanet and AquaTnet


The EATiP Board of Directors will take relevant actions to achieve these recommendations in the coming weeks.

Full details of the discussion, conclusions and recommendations can be found in the Meeting Report attached below.

 Agenda of the 2013 Meeting

“The status and future of EATiP”
Welcome presentation & IntroductionMr. Gustavo Larrazábal - Chairman of EATIP
 “ETP 2020: The Strategy ”Mr. Sivasegaram Manimaaran
Strategic Guidelines for Aquaculture    
Aquaculture Advisory Council 
Mr. Courtney Hough – General Secretary
“Strategic Function of EATiP”·     
            Research & Innovation Agenda·     
            Facing Societal Challenges·     
International Cooperation
o  ‘AquaMed’ example
o  ‘AquaAsem’ example 

Discussion on the Strategic Function of EATiP
Objectives and Role  

Dr. Jean-Paul Blancheton
Prof. Patrick Sorgeloos

“Mobilisation and Synergies”
  • Focused synergies
  • Implementing the EATiP SRIA
    • AquaExcel - infrastructures
    • Plans of Action
  • How to mobilise smaller players, inc. SMEs – strategy & actions


Dr. Alexandra Neyts (NTNU)
Dr. Gill Marmelstein (AQUATT) 


“Dissemination & Cooperation”
Discussion on information sharing & knowledge transfer

·         AquaTnet (external link)           
          ESCO – European Skills

Dr. John Bostock (Univ. Stirling)
Me. Catherine Pons (FEAP/EATiP)

·         Euroshell - shellfishMr. Alistair Lane (EAS)

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AGM 2013 Attendance List  Download (81,657 kb)
Attendance list for the Annual General Meeting of the EATiP
AGM 2013 Background Document  Download (120,870 kb)
This document provides the background to the EATiP Annual Meeting
AGM EATiP 2013 - Meeting Report  Download (310,475 kb)
Full report of the 2013 EATiP Annual Meeting
Aquainnova - Summary Report  Download (695,558 kb)
Summary Report of Aquainonva actions and recommendations
Aquinnova - Plan of Action by TA  Download (1,285185 Mb)
Summary of Plans of Action by individual Thematic Area
EC doc - Aquaculture Strategic Guidelines  Download (417,386 kb)
Strategic Guidelines for the sustainable development of EU Aquaculture
EC doc - Enhancing and focusing EU international cooperation in R&I  Download (112,349 kb)
Enhancing and focusing EU international cooperation in research and innovation: A strategic approach
EC doc - ETP 2020 Strategy  Download (70,959 kb)
Strategy for European Technology Platforms: ETP 2020
P01 - ETPs & New Strategy  Download (354,119 kb)
Presentation on the function and role of ETPs in the Innovation Union and Horizon 2020
P02 - Sustainable Guidelines for EU Aquaculture  Download (253,5 kb)
Presentation on the EC Guidelines for the sustainable development of European aquaculture
P03 - AquaMed  Download (3,588150 Mb)
Position and development of the AquaMed project
P04 - ETP FABRE  Download (459,806 kb)
Work and synergies of the ETP Farm Animal Breeding
P05 - ETP Organics  Download (251,814 kb)
Position and synergies of the ETP on Organics
P06 - ETP Global Health Health  Download (1,866118 Mb)
Presentation on ETP GAH - DISCONTOOLs project & synergies with EATiP
P07 - AquaExcel  Download (2,535045 Mb)
presentation on the work and progress of AquaExcel - aquaculture infrastructures
P08 - EATiP Plan of Action  Download (634,130 kb)
Presentation and discussion on the EATiP Plan of Action
P10 - ESCO - European Qualifications for Aquaculture  Download (508,63 kb)
Presentation on the ESCO process for skills and qualifications
P11 - Euroshell  Download (927,695 kb)
Report on the progress of Euroshell - European shellfish sector
P12 - Larvanet  Download (2,442227 Mb)
A description and report of the Larvanet EC COST action

The 5th Annual Meeting of the EATiP was held in Brussels on the 10th September 2013 at the Hotel Metropole, Brussels. The meeting covered the role and future of EATiP following its official recognition as a European Technology Platform, including current and future actions that are being made to further the development and growth of European aquaculture.