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Potential for international cooperation on aquaculture

The EATIP organised an ASEM-Aq09 meeting on the 25th April 2012 during Brussels Seafood
on 'the potential for international cooperation on aquaculture'

Left to right: Petter Arnesen,
Patrick Sorgeloos,
Dr. Pham Anh TuanAQASEM4.jpg


This event brought closer for the first time Vietnamese Aquaculture & Fisheries Authorities and EATIP Board Members.
After a short introduction by Mr. Courtney Hough, General Secretary EATiP and FEAP, Mr. Patrick Sorgeloos, Chairman ASEM, Aquaculture Platform / Ghent University presented the role of ASEM Aquaculture Platform in the dialogue between Asian & European aquaculture industry.
Dr. Pham Anh Tuan, Deputy Director, General, Directorate of Fisheries (D-FISH) of Vietnam meanwhile raised the Vietnamese concerns for the future of aquaculture.
While Mr. Petter Arnesen, Board Member EATiP / Marine Harvest focussed on the European interests for win-win relations with non EU partners.

The meeting ended up with a very interesting discussion on EU and Vietnam perspectives and common points of interest.