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Our Vision - Presentation Event

The Future of European Aquaculture” took successfully place on 30th October 2012 in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels.

CHTHGL.jpgThe event focussed on presenting the Vision of the European Aquaculture Technology & Innovation Platform, which has been developed through the widest consultation ever made on European aquaculture and supported by the European FP7 project ‘Aquainnova’.

Experts from the aquaculture profession, research and development, universities, NGOs, the European Investment Bank, the European Commission and other stakeholder interests debated key questions on forecasts and needs of the sector in 2030.

Download the Vision

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01. Programme Presentation Event  Download (251,611 kb)
The future of European aquaculture: Brussels, 30th October 2012
02. Speakers Profile  Download (430,461 kb)
Presentation of each speaker
03. The Future of European Aquaculture - Introduction  Download (319,315 kb)
Introduction to 'The Future of European Aquaculture' - EATiP Chairman Gustavo Larrazabal
04. The Vision for European Aquaculture  Download (2,396208 Mb)
How the Vision for European Aquaculture was developed - Courtney Hough (General Secretary EATiP)
05. Putting European Aquaculture into context  Download (1,34947 Mb)
Torgeir Edvardsen put European aquaculture into context
06. Scenarios: The Mediterranean  Download (1,183533 Mb)
Lara Barazi-Yeroulanos presented the scenario for Mediterranean fish farming
07: Scenarios: Coldwater Marine Farming  Download (608,269 kb)
Petter Arnesen presented the scenario for Coldwater Marine fish farming
08. Scenarios: Shellfish farming  Download (279,201 kb)
Bruno Guillaumie presented the scenario for European shellfish farming
09. Scenarios: Freshwater fish farming  Download (809,712 kb)
Ferenc Levai presented the scenarios and options for European freshwater fish farming
10: Structure of the EU seafood market (2010)  Download (121,794 kb)
Diagram of the structure of the EU Seafood Market (2010) - source AIPCE
11. Outputs of EU Aquaculture Research  Download (1,393263 Mb)
Alistair Lane (EAS) presented the outputs of EU research projects used in Aquainnova
12. The EATiP SRIA  Download (2,371491 Mb)
Courtney Hough presented how the EATiP SRIA was developed during the Aquainnova project
13. Where do we go from here?  Download (2,34651 Mb)
Presentation by David Murphy (AquaTT) of how the SRIA will be used through implementation of the Action Plan
14. How the EIB can help  Download (1,260346 Mb)
Jane Feehan (EIB) presented how the European Investment Bank can assist aquaculture development in Europe
Attendance List  Download (124,286 kb)
List of participants attending the event
Press Release  Download (109,768 kb)
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Brussels, 30th October 2012 - Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences - Download the Vision