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Technical leaflets on aquaculture RTD projects

This section contains summaries (Technical Leaflets) of EU-funded research projects relevant to aquaculture made in the 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Research Programmes.

The links below gives access to the different categories of research projects on aquaculture-related topics that have been achieved within the recent European research framework programmes.

The more recent Technical Leaflets (6th and 7th Framework programmes) were developed within the "Aquainnova" project, while earlier TLs (5th and 6th Framework programmes) were made within the European projects "PROFET" and "PROFET POLICY". When new information was available FP6 TLs developed within PROFET POLICY were restructured and updated to adapt to the new Aquainnova TL format.

Within Aquainnova, the coordinators of current (FP7) and past (FP6) research projects have been asked to provide details of research outcomes, give their opinion on potential impact of the outcomes if transferred to end users and finally identify where more RTD is required in the subject area.

In the case of FP 6 projects, research outcomes are known, and coordinators identified how knowledge has already been transferred or where there could be a benefit to transferring knowledge at this stage. For FP 7 projects in progress, coordinators have identified the knowledge outcomes objectives and assessed the potential impact of transferring the new knowledge on policy actions, R&D, the industry, the environment and society.

The project coordinators have also been asked to suggest which of the EATIP Thematic Areas would best be able to incorporate the knowledge generated. This information has been passed to the Thematic Area working groups for assessment of the potential of the knowledge to the aquaculture sector.

Please find below the links to the compilation of TL made for each workshop of the project 

as well as a synthesis of the results and outputs of aquaculture research funded by the EU made especially for consumer interests.

 FP 5 and FP 6 projects
 FP 7 projects
This website contains summaries (Technical Leaflets) of EU-funded aquaculture research projects made in the 5, 6 and 7 Framework Research Programmes. These documents were prepared within the scope of the Profet Policy and Aquainnova projects.

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