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Why we are important

To remain competitive, European industry needs to specialise more in high-technology areas. Investment in research must be increased, coordination across Europe enhanced and the technological content of industrial activity raised. Technology platforms address these challenges through: 

  • The shared vision of stakeholders;
  • A positive impact on a wide range of policies;
  • A reduced fragmentation of research and development efforts;
  • The mobilisation of public and private funding sources. 

European Technology platforms cover a diverse range of challenges that are vital to Europe’s future competitiveness, including:

  • New technologies leading to radical change in a sector, if developed and deployed appropriately and in time.
  • Reconciliation of different policy objectives with a view to sustainable development.
  • New technology-based public goods or services with high market entry barriers, uncertain profitability, but high economic and social potential.
  • Ensuring the necessary breakthroughs to remain at the leading edge of high-technology sectors.
  • Renewal, revival or restructuring of traditional industrial sectors.

The achievement of the strategic objectives of the European Technology Platforms in multiple economic sectors will bust competitiveness of the European industry, promote sustainable economic growth and significantly improve the daily lives of European citizens.