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Board of Directors

EATiP asbl is administered by a Board of Directors acting collegially, composed of at least 11 persons. The directors are elected by the General Assembly on proposals made by the Board of Directors; the elected directors may co-opt other directors so as to occupy vacant positions. The mandate of directors is for a period of four years and is renewable.

The Board of Directors has the widest capacities for the administration of the Association. Any issue or action that is not reserved by law or by the statutes for the General Assembly is within the competence of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors submits to the approval of the General Assembly the accounts of the receipts and expenditure of the previous accounting period, as well as the balance sheet established for the same accounting period. The Board of Directors equally presents to the approval of the General Assembly, the budget for the following accounting period.

The Board of Directors was appointed by the EATIP Assembly at its Annual General Meeting that was held in Brussels (Belgium) on 7-8 June 2017 and its composition is as follows:

  • Mr. Gustavo Larrazábal A. - Chairman (Aquanaria - Spain)
  • Dr. Karl Almas - SINTEF (Norway)
  • Ms. Karine Berger - EMPA (France)
  • Mr. Jean-Sebastien Bruant - Ferme Marine de Douhet (France)
  • Mr. Santiago Cabaleiro - APROMAR (Spain)
  • Ms. Claire Caralp - Aquimer (France)
  • Mr. Ole Christensen - Biomar AS (Denmark)
  • Mr. Marco Gilmozzi - FEAP President (Italy)
  • Dr. Synnove Helland - Nofima AS (Norway)
  • Prof. Iciar Martinez - Universidad del Pais Vasco (Spain)
  • Mr. Mihalis Panagis - Selonda SA (Greece)
  • Mr. Noralf Ronningen - Aqualine (Norway)
  • Mr. Francois Simard - International Union for the Conservation of Nature (Mediterranean Office - Spain)
  • Mr. John Stephanis - Epidavros Fisheries SA(Greece)

As agreed by the Assembly, the Board of Directors established so far 8 Thematic Areas (TAs). Each TA is aligned to key issues and challenges for European aquaculture. The Board may, at its discretion, create additional Thematic Areas as and when required. Communication between the TAs and the BoD is provided though the Operating Council, the BoD member appointed as Coordinator for the TAs and the General Secretary.

The Board appoints a Chairperson, when possible from industry, and a Facilitator from the RTDI sector concerned by the Thematic Area identified. These appointed persons, Chairs (industry) and Facilitators (research), are organisers and coordinators of the Thematic Area concerned.