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Thematic Workshops for multi-stakeholder consultation

4 Thematic Workshops for multi-stakeholder consultation were held recently:

The Future of Freshwater Aquaculture – Warsaw (Poland) - 15&16 June 2011

• The Future of Coldwater Marine Aquaculture – Oslo (Norway) - 21&22 Sept. 2011  

The Future of Mediterranean Aquaculture – Madrid (Spain) - 16&17 November 2011

The Future of Shellfish Aquaculture – Bordeaux (France) - 15&16 February 2012

Each stakeholder consultation workshop provided 3 important deliverables;

  1. A specific report, detailing the conclusions relative to issues affecting the Vision document and Strategic Research Agenda.
  2. A recommended plan of action for the Thematic Area and the Technology Platform itself.
  3. An evaluation of the funding mechanisms envisaged for RTD achievement.

The regional workshops allowed consultation not only on thematic aspects but also on specific regional issues (e.g freshwater aquaculture, cold water species…). These followed a common format, combining presentation and discussion sessions – focusing on effective participation and applying voting procedures on topics presented as a way to rank needs and items for knowledge transfer. Professional workshop animators were used to facilitate these actions.

Each workshop thus provided consensus on the vision and produced recommendations for research initiatives for the topics presented.

The conclusions of these events will lead to adjustments of the synoptic documents of each Thematic Area and agreement on RTD priorities, contributing effectively to the purpose of the Support Action.

Importantly, these workshops shall also contribute to the development of a proposed Plan of Action that can be integrated into the project’s deliverables and provide a stimulus for actions at regional, National and European levels. This Plan of Action will include analysis of funding mechanisms and identify areas and/or topics of RTD that would be achieved or funded by the industry.

The final stakeholder workshop was organised in Brussels in October 2012 – and covered the results, conclusions and recommendations of the work of the project, providing an integrated Vision Document, Strategic Research agenda and an associate Action Plan for implementation.

 Marine Coldwater
Regional Workshops were organised in the framework of the project: ‘Aquainnova’ – “Supporting governance and multi-stakeholder participation in aquaculture research and innovation" - an FP7 project focusing on the creation of an international framework that facilitates the development of vision documents and strategic research agendas on the sectoral components of European aquaculture.