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EATiP covers a diverse range of challenges that are vital to the sector's future growth and innovation:

  • To study, develop, promote and defend the collective opinions of the research and innovation requirements, identified by its members but without involving itself in their professional activities;
  • To communicate these collective opinions to the appropriate authorities, entities and interests in Europe and be recognised as an approved European Technology Platform by the European Commission.
  • To identify and implement actions that will improve the competitiveness of professional European aquaculture and related industries, specifically through the application of knowledge-based activities.
  • To develop measures and structures that will improve the research, development and innovation framework conditions to support the sustainable development of European aquaculture.
  • To assist its members in the organisation of their activities, notably by establishing the conditions for common study and providing associate administrative and support services.

Specifically, these challenges will be met by generating 3 major membership-endorsed outputs, ready for dissemination to other stakeholders and wider society. Together, these outputs will represent the views and priorities of the multi-stakeholder EATiP.

  • Defining a long term Vision for European Aquaculture 2030
    a positive, sustainable, future scenario reflecting the ideals, values and the aspirations of the stakeholders.
  • Developing a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA)* for European aquaculture for the coming two decades
    a dynamic strategy to achieve the vision and meet the innovation challenges
  • Implementing an approved Plan of Action
    a strategic action plan describing the research, training, education and dissemination requirements needed to fulfil the SRIA and the Vision.

*Most Technology platforms refer to Strategic Research Agendas; the EATiP has adopted  the word “innovation” into the document title, given its function in respect of both research needs and their application to and integration within the sector.

In order to reinforce the research and innovation processes that are required within a modern and developing Europe, the European aquaculture sector has established the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform.

A statutory goal of the EATIP is to develop measures and structures that will improve the research, development and innovation conditions so as to support the sustainable development of European aquaculture.

The activities of EATIP will provide the foundations for technical and economic excellence which will be the basis of the leadership potential of European aquaculture at the global level.