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In 2010, EATIP became involved in a range of different activities, many of which target improved governance and direction for RTDI actions in Europe. Some of these activities are more horizontal and policy-oriented, such as participation as an observer in the Standing Committee on Agriculture Research (SCAR).

Furthermore, EATIP plays a role in several European projects (Supporting Actions) that are looking to improve consultation and direction for development, particularly on aquaculture.

The main action involving EATIP is ‘Aquainnova’, which links directly to several other European projects – notably `AquaMed’, `AquAsem09’ and Sarnissa - where more details can be found in this section.

Aquainnova is a support action financed under the 7th framework programme of the European Union. The project supports the work of the Thematic Areas of the EATIP by assisting them in the development of vision documents and strategic research agendas on the sectoral components of European aquaculture.

Aquainnova seeks to establish a solid framework that will support EATIP the sustainable development of European aquaculture, improving governance and focusing on exploiting the potential for innovation and technological development in the entire aquaculture value chain.

You can also find below links to other projects where EATIP is not always directly involved but that are of interest for European Aquaculture.

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