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Working Groups of EATiP

While EATiP established specific Thematic Areas that cover identifiable and general themes that affect or are influenced by aquaculture, there are additional issues that need to be covered so as to assist the sustainable development of European aquaculture and respond to specific needs. 2 Working Groups were established in the last year.

Mirror Platforms Working Group

The first looks to respond to the 'mobilisation' task of EATiP as a European Technology Platform, specifically how better to mobilise SMEs within European and National research programmes. After much discussion and reflection, it was felt that such a task could only be achieved by integrating the actions of National and Regional Technology Platforms or Cluster Groups (that incorporate research with industry): these include existing Mirror Platforms to EATiP.

This process is complemented by the results of the Research Infrastructures project "AquaExcel" - which was completed in 2014. AQUAEXCEL coordinated access to top class aquaculture research infrastructures, which was carried out by a pan-European team of aquaculture research facilities. The AQUAEXCEL multidisciplinary team of experts developed an integrated approach to link and coordinate key research infrastructures in Europe so as to create the basis for harmonizing access, joint research, and networking. 

The AQUAEXCEL2020 (AQUAculture infrastructures for EXCELlence in European fish research towards 2020) proposal has scored highly and received funding from the EC Horizon2020 Programme. The project, which is scheduled to start in October 2015, features an enlarged AQUAEXCEL consortium and will build on the successes of the AQUAEXCEL project. Transnational Access will be further developed with more than 170 projects scheduled.

EATiP will be active within AQUAEXCEL2020, principally through the creation of an Industry-Research Panel that will follow individual projects, with a specific focus on moving promising research into applicable use. 

The core aim of this working group is to associate the scope of the EATiP Thematic Area on Knowledge Management to the work of the Mirror Platforms/Clusters and improve networking that will benefit both research and the spread of results.

Currently, this working group is being coordinated by Alexandra Neyts (NTNU-Norway), Stefan Meyer (KNAQ-Germany) and Marc Vandeputte (INRA - Coordinator of AQUAEXCEL), with support from Noralf Ronningen and Synnove Helland of the EATiP Board of Directors.

International Cooperation Working Group

While EATiP is focused on the sustainable development of European aquaculture, one cannot ignore that aquaculture is a global activity. With leading European and international companies, in production and service areas, being complemented by top-level scientists and innovators, European knowledge and experience is sought for many different reasons.

The European Commission has requested EATiP to provide positions on the potential for international cooperation on aquaculture with different regions and States, notably with

  • USA and Canada, following the signature of the Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean cooperation
  • South East Asia, following a mission in 2014 - where EATiP participated, to examine the potential for cooperation on aquaculture with ASEAN countries

In order to respond to these requests, the EATiP Board agreed to the creation of a special Working Group on International Cooperation, that is chaired by Prof. Patrick Sorgeloos with support from Karl Almas and John Stephanis of the EATiP Board of Directors.

Both Working Groups are open to representatives of Member organisations of EATiP and individuals who are interested in participation should contact the EATiP Secretariat for further information.

Updates and information will be provided on the pages dedicated to the actions and work of these Working Groups



Working Groups of the EATiP