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Mirror Platform Meeting
Brussels, 7 June 2017














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Mirror Platform Working Group Meeting
Brussels, 6 June 2016

The EATIP working group on “Mirror Platforms (MiP)” was founded exactly one year ago and we have used the time to better understand the functioning of MiPs in the different European countries and to identify priority areas for each one of us. The MiP workshop in Rotterdam (21st October) was a very important milestone in this process. Since then, the EATIP board of directors has officially recognized the work of the MiP working group and endorses its further operation.

A special “Mirror Platform” working group meeting has been organised just before the EATIP Annual General Meeting on the 6th June in Brussels, which focussed on the following issues:

1) mapping MiPs in the Mediterranean and Black Sea area
2) drafting the work program of the MiP WG for the next 12 months
3) discussing the EATIP Vision /SRIA revision


A workshop was organised by the Working Group "Mirror Platforms" of the EATiP at De Doelen Congress Center in Rotterdam on the 21st October 2015 in the framework of the Aquaculture Europe conference.

The workshop aimed at facilitating the implementation of the EATiP Vision for European Aquaculture 2030 via coordination and cooperation between Mirror Platforms (MiP), regions and Member States.

Its main objective was to bring together the representatives of regional/national multi-stakeholder mirror platforms to carry out a facilitated workshop process to address 3 issues:

  • how to better coordinate efforts and share experiences between actors across MS
  • brainstorm on priority transnational actions that could be taken to address technology-transfer goals in the SRIA and potential funding sources for implementation
  • identifying sustainable, mutual "added values" of MiP involvement in EATiP

3 'setting the scene' presentations were made successively by :

followed by a participatory brainstormins session (CAROUSEL methodology) and concluding discussion an wrap-up.

The outcomes of the meeting will be available soon. 

The first meeting of the Research Infrastructures (RI) & Mirror Platforms (MiP) Working Group was organised in Brussels on the 27th April 2015. 

The aims of the meeting were :

  • to discuss the gaps and issues in Regional and National aquaculture activities
  • to identify common interests and issues to take forward 

The report of the meeting can be downloaded below. 

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a) Role of MiP in EATiP  Download (865,570 kb)
Stefan Meyer (KNAQ): Presentation of the Role of Mirror Platforms in EATiP - MiP WG 21102015
b) EC expectations on mobilizing national stakeholders  Download (1,207984 Mb)
Manuel Mendigutia (EC, EASME): Presentation of the EC expectations on mobilizing national stakeholders - MiP WG 21102015
c) EATiP SRIA Implementation  Download (3,751816 Mb)
David Murphy (AQUATT): Presentation of the technology-transfer areas in the EATiP SRIA - MiP WG 21102015
MiP & RI WG meeting report 27 April 2015  Download (781,395 kb)
Agenda and report of the 1st meeting of the MiP WG
MiP Minutes 7 June 2017  Download (260,8 kb)
Minutes of the Mirror Platforms' meeting held in Brussels on the 7th June 2017

Minutes of the last meeting now available