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Working Groups

The Board of Directors of the EATiP agreed to initiate 2 new working groups within the Platform:

  1. The first one will address ' International Cooperation (INCO)' and will be chaired by Prof. Patrick Sorgeloos. It is believed that action on EU-ASEAN cooperation on aquaculture should be undertaken and might be included in the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-2017. 

  2. The second one will address ' Mirror Platforms (MiP) and Research Infrastructures (RI)' and will be chaired by Alexandra Neyts and Stefan Meyer, with assistance from Marc Vandeputte, coordinator of the Aquaexcel EC Research Infrastucture project. This WG will be directly linked with the Mirror Platforms and will explore ways that EATiP's work can incentivse further investments in aquaculture research so as to implements EATiP's SRIA.

 International Cooperation WG
 Mirror Platforms WG