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EATiP AGM 2015

The Annual General Meeting of the EATiP took successfully place on 28-29 April 2015 in the HOTEL NH GRAND SABLON, Brussels.

Prior to the AGM, a meeting was organised between the Research Infrastructures Working Group and Mirror Platforms so as to discuss the gaps and issues in Regional and National aquaculture activities. Identifying common interests and issues to take forward were focal points of this meeting.

The presentations are now available by clicking on the links below:This 2015 edition has allowed us a.o. to discover the results of several very interesting projects as well as new horizons, such as 'technical texiles for large scale seaweed growth', 'the advancement and enhancement of algae' and 'the potential for insect proteins'.

Welcome presentation & introduction

Developing Aquaculture in Europe ’, Mr. Gustavo Larrazábal - Chairman of EATIP 
Report on EATiP-EAS Day ’, Mr. Courtney Hough – General Secretary

European Technology Platforms - Synergies

FTC Textiles‘At~Sea’ project
‘Technical textiles for large scale seaweed growth', Mr. Bert Groenendaal - Sioen Industries (Belgium)
Study, Promotion and valorisation of algae ’, Dr. Marc Danjon - CEVA (France)

FABRE Breeding – ‘ FISHBOOST project ’, Dr. Anna Sonesson – Nofima/FABRE TP

Innovation in Aquaculture

ARRAINA ’ - project summary and progress, Prof. Sachi Kaushik - Project coordinator
Potential for insect proteins ’, Mr. Tarique Arsiwalla - IPIFF (Int Fed. of Insect producers for food & feed)
DIVERSIFY Part1  Part2  Part3  Part4  Part5  Part6 ’- project summary and progress, Dr. Constantinos Mylonas - Project coordinator

Other European actions

ORAQUA ’ organic aquaculture, Mr. JP Blancheton, IFREMER
Pilot Environment Footprint ’ – Seafood, Mr. Courtney Hough - General Secretary

Horizon 2020 & aquaculture research

H2020 & Aquaculture Research, EC priorities ’, Mr. Jacques Fuchs, Marine Resources Unit DG R&I

Support & cooperation actions

‘ Synergies and actions with ETPs and National Mirror Platforms ’, Dr. Alexandra Neyts - Mirror Platform representatives

Research Infrastructures Working Group
Aquaexcel ’ – progress summary, Marc van de Putte - INRA

International Cooperation

‘ INCO Working Group ’, Prof. Patrick Sorgeloos

•ASEAN, Dr. Patrick Lavens - Inve
•GALWAY (EU-CANADA-US), Mr. Courtney Hough - General Secretary

Conclusions and Closing




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Agenda 7th AGM  Download (396,502 kb)
Draft Agenda and Programme of the 7th EATiP Annual General Meeting
AGM2015_00 Developing Aquaculture in Europe  Download (327,76 kb)
'Developing Aquaculture in Europe' by Courtney Hough, EATiP General Secretary
AGM2015_00 Report on EATiP-EAS Day  Download (451,84 kb)
'Report on EATiP-EAS day' by Courtney Hough, EATiP General Secretary
AGM2015_02 Promotion and valorisation of algae  Download (2,433093 Mb)
'Study, Promotion & valorisation of algae' by Marc Danjon, CEVA France
AGM2015_03 Fishboost  Download (920,787 kb)
'FISHBOOST project' by Anna Sonesson, FABRE TP/NOFIMA
AGM2015_04 Arraina  Download (1,584230 Mb)
'ARRAINA project summary and progress' by Sachi Kaushik, project coordinator
AGM2015_05 Potential for insect proteins  Download (3,289071 Mb)
'Potential for insect proteins' by IPIFF, International Federation of Insect producers for food & feed
AGM2015_06 Diversify Part1  Download (11,342298 Mb)
'DIVERSIFY' by Constantinos Mylonas, project coordinator
AGM2015_06 Diversify Part2  Download (17,816736 Mb)
'DIVERSIFY' by Constantinos Mylonas, project coordinator
AGM2015_06 Diversify Part3  Download (9,49956 Mb)
'DIVERSIFY' by Constantinos Mylonas, project coordinator
AGM2015_06 Diversify Part4  Download (12,917072 Mb)
'DIVERSIFY' by Constantinos Mylonas, project coordinator
AGM2015_06 Diversify Part5  Download (7,346254 Mb)
'DIVERSIFY' by Constantinos Mylonas, project coordinator
AGM2015_06 Diversify Part6  Download (18,412391 Mb)
'DIVERSIFY' by Constantinos Mylonas, project coordinator
AGM2015_07 Oraqua  Download (409,314 kb)
'ORAQUA' (organic aquaculture) by Jean-Paul Blancheton, IFREMER
AGM2015_08 Pilot Environment Footprint  Download (1,876384 Mb)
'Pilot Environment Footprint - Seafood' by Courtney Hough, EATiP General Secretary
AGM2015_09 H2020 & Aquaculture Research  Download (2,700142 Mb)
'Horizon 2020 & Aquaculture Research - EC priorities & discussion' by Jacques Fuchs, DG R&I
AGM2015_10 Mirror Platforms & RI WG  Download (532,855 kb)
'Mirror Platforms and Research Infrastructure WG' by Alexandra Neyts
AGM2015_11 Aquaexcel  Download (3,975332 Mb)
'AQUAEXCEL progress summary' by Marc van de Putte, INRA France
AGM2015_12 INCO WG  Download (3,33088 Mb)
'International Cooperation WG' by Patrick Sorgeloos
Attendance List AGM2015  Download (227,807 kb)
Attendance List - 28&29 April 2015
Report of the 7th AGM  Download (301,838 kb)
Annual General Meeting 2015 - Report

Presentations and Report included