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The AQUA-TNET Annual Meeting 2014 took place in Malta on the 26-27th June.
This was immediately preceded by a two-day digital skills workshop to help participants adopt some of the latest ICT tools in their teaching (24-25th June). Read more on the Aqua-tnet website.

Aquatnet is the European Thematic Network in aquaculture, fisheries and aquactic resources management.

Industry has an important role to play as one of the aim of the Network is to improve the interaction and communication between industrial partners (including producers, processors, feed, pharmaceutical) and educational providers.

The EATIP is a new partner in the project and wishes to work in developing a symbiotic relationship between industry and educational providers ensuring course design (including placements, exchanges etc.) and content is fit for purpose and relevant to industry requirements. This work is crucial in ensuring effective knowledge transfer to industry.  



Aquatnet Annual Event 2014, Malta 26 & 27 June