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Publié le 10 juillet 2014 / National Geographic

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Aquainnova Presentation Event  Download (109,768 kb)
Presentation of the Vision of the EATiP
EAS December 2012 Magazine  Download (672,420 kb)
EAS published on the back cover of its December Magazine 2012 - Aquaculture Europe - the EATIP Vision
Eurofish Magazine 2011/EM6  Download (1,70767 Mb)
The results of the 2nd Aquainnova workshop on ‘The future of Marine Coldwater Aquaculture’ held in Oslo in September 2011 were reported in the last 2011 edition of the Eurofish Magazine.
Eurofish Magazine 2012/EM1  Download (147,547 kb)
In its First annual Magazine 2012, Eurofish published the results of the workshop ‘The future of Mediterranean Aquaculture’ that took place in Madrid in November 2011 and reported how open debate and ...
Eurofish Magazine 2012/EM2  Download (103,895 kb)
Eurofish published after the Bordeaux workshop 'the Future of European Shellfish Aquaculture’ (Februray 2012) an article presenting the aim of the workshop, explaining the methodology used to get resu ...
Eurofish Magazine 2012/EM6  Download (213,573 kb)
Eurofish published after the ‘Vision Presentation Event’ held in Brussels on the 30th October 2012 a full article reporting the tremendous work accomplished during the whole project, addressing the ch ...
Press Release Dec 2008  Download (unknown size)
Press release on EATIP activities - December 2008
The European Aquaculture Technology Platform is launched  Download (unknown size)
Article in Aquaculture Europe vol. 32 (2) june 2007
v EU industry 'must get its act together'  Download (unknown size)
Article in Fish Farming International, April 2007, vol 34, No 4

 Welcome message from the Chairman of EATIP