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Project Objectives

The European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATIP) was created in 2008 for the purpose of identifying and implementing actions so as to improve the competitiveness of professional European aquaculture and related industries, specifically through the application of knowledge-based activities. A statutory goal of the EATIP is to develop measures and structures that will improve the research, development and innovation conditions so as to support the sustainable development of European aquaculture.

Aquainnova assists EATIP in actively promoting the exploitation, dissemination and communication of Community aquaculture RTD research actions and results, looking to improve the manner in which the knowledge generated is efficiently managed, disseminated and transferred.

Specifically, the project focuses on providing the support and the methodologies required to facilitate the development of vision documents and strategic research agendas on the sectoral components of European aquaculture, by:

1. Establishing a basis for applying good governance principles between the different stakeholders, using a participative process, so as to facilitate the creation and development of vision documents and strategic research agendas for the main thematic areas identified by EATIP.

This means:
a. To optimise communication between stakeholders in European aquaculture
b. To identify knowledge and innovation gaps within the aquaculture value chain
c. To improve knowledge management within the operating sector
d. To develop policy support guidelines and identify potential inputs for future legislative processes
e. To respond to societal concerns on the processes and products of livestock rearing.

2. Providing dedicated fora to facilitate the dialogue between National and European policy makers, researchers and stakeholders, through the organisation of 4 transnational workshops (Consultation) covering the thematic components of the aquaculture value chain.

3. Assuring the promotion of the communication, dissemination and exploitation of Community funded RTD projects by sourcing and summarising, in easy-to-understand terms, research results in aquaculture from the different Community Framework Programmes, focusing on relevance to development and exploitation - using web-based information supply, compendia and demonstrations.

4. Creating the conditions for managing knowledge by identifying needs, challenges and methodologies for knowledge application and utilisation.

Aquainnova seeks to establish an operational framework for dialogue based on best governance practices between the aquaculture industry, the research community and policy makers, focusing on exploiting the potential for innovation and technological development in the European aquaculture value chain.