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(Farmed) fish and consumers in Europe  Download (268,736 kb)
A presentation by Joop Luten, Fiskeriforskning
A Vision for European Aquaculture-Progress Report  Download (1,669555 Mb)
A presentation by Courtney Hough, FEAP
Aquaculture and the Society  Download (3,54346 Mb)
A presentation by Francois Simard, The World Conservation Union, IUCN
European Aquaculture Technology Platform-2nd Stakeholders Meeting  Download (203,792 kb)
A presentation by Gustavo Larrazabal, Grupo Tinomenor S.L.
Investment in Europena Aquaculture  Download (661,997 kb)
Priorities for the processor and retailer sectors. A presentation by Nigel Edwards, Seachill
OPMEGA: EATP 2007 presentation  Download (2,47341 Mb)
A presentation by Manuel Franco Leis, OPMEGA
Proposal for New Members to the EATP Board of Directors  Download (83,478 kb)
A presentation by Alexander Döring, EATP IWG
Proposed Activity Plan and Budget 2008  Download (144,134 kb)
A presentation by Torgeir Edvardsen, EATP Secretary General
Regulatory Framwork and Aquaculture  Download (57,678 kb)
A presentation by Jean-Claude Cueff, DG Fish C4
Report of the Interim Working Group  Download (73,193 kb)
A presentation by John Stephanis, EATP HLG
Some views on EATP communication  Download (1,471152 Mb)
A presentation by Frank van Ooijen
Towards a European Aquaculture Technology Platform  Download (634,368 kb)
A presentation by John Stephanis, FEAP