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1st Stakeholders meeting for a European Aquaculture Technology Platform  Download (829,689 kb)
A background document on the need, role and impact of a European Aquaculture Technology Platform. Presentation by Courney Hough, FEAP Secretariat
Aquaculture as source for nutritious high quality food for customers  Download (193,49 kb)
A presentation by Joop Luten, Fiskeriforskning
Aquaculture Best Management Practices  Download (425,435 kb)
A presentation by Dr Michalis Menicou, Seawave Fisheried Ltd. / Frederick Institute of Technology
Breeding and reproduction in Aquaculture  Download (370,1 kb)
A presentation by Herve Chavanne, Istituto Lazzaro Spallanzani
Challenges for European Aquaculture  Download (802,262 kb)
A presentation made by Mr. John Stephanis (Selonda SA) on the challenges facing the production sector of European aquaculture
Developing a vision for the sustainable development of European Aquaculture  Download (42,948 kb)
Drivers and future challenges in aquaculture  Download (98,19 kb)
A presentation by Yngvar Olsen, NTNU
EU Aqua Industry: Commitment to world food security  Download (441,688 kb)
A presentation by Jorge Dias, University of Algarve
Initiative area "Malformations"  Download (1,68309 Mb)
- Addressing welfare through reducing malformations caused by intensive production of fish. A presentation by Synnøve Helland, AKVAFORSK
Introduction - Potential for an Aquaculture Technology Platform  Download (394,387 kb)
Introduction by Mr. Wout Dekker of Nutreco AS, Chairman of the High Level Group that led the initiation of the Aquaculture Technology Platform
Larviculture and Juvenile Production of Fish & Shellfish  Download (473,399 kb)
A presentation by Bjørn Myrseth, Marine Farms ASA
Offshore Aquaculture Technology Platform  Download (122,481 kb)
A presentation by David Jackson, Marine Institute
Opportunities for EATP beyond Europe  Download (375,575 kb)
A presentation by Patrick Sorgeloos, Ghent University
The Next Steps for EATP: Proposals for Decisions  Download (295,245 kb)
Presentation by Torgeir Edvardsen, EATP secretariat
Views of supplying industry  Download (561,342 kb)
A presentation by Patrick Dempster, AKVAgroup ASA
Views on consumer issues and trends affecting the future of European aquaculture  Download (424,825 kb)
A projection on consumer issues and trends affecting European aquaculture - prepared by John Dallimore of TNC Partners
Views on Environmental issues affecting European aquaculture  Download (26,700 kb)
A presentation made by Me Despina Symons of the European Bureau for Conservation and Development on environmental issues that affect the future of European aquaculture
Views on fish feed  Download (384,824 kb)
A presentation by Frank van Ooijen, Nutreco Holding N.V.
Views on fish health  Download (87,942 kb)

An overview of issues affecting fish health, specifically from the pharmaceutical position, presented by Prof. Patrick Smith of Schering Plough Animal Health

Welcome to EATP's first Stakeholder Meeting  Download (394,387 kb)
Welfare on fish in European aquaculture  Download (218,207 kb)
A presentation by Anders Kiessling, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
What is a Technology Platform; What can it do for the stakeholders in Aquaculture?  Download (117,173 kb)
A presentation by Petter Arnesen, Marine Harvest ASA and Torgeir Edvardsen, EATP Sectreatry General