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Genetics and Genomics

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AQUABREEDING  Download (653,79 kb)
AQUABREEDING - Improving stock rearing in aquaculture through applied genetics knowledge
This project will examine the potential for successful animal breeding and genomic tech ...
AQUAFIRST  Download (229,447 kb)
AQUAFIRST - Selective breeding to improve disease and stress resistance in fish and shellfish
The AQUAFIRST project seeks to identify genes associated with stress and disease r ...
AQUAFUNC  Download (246,65 kb)
AQUAFUNC - Integrated knowledge on functional genomics in sustainable aquaculture
The overall aim of the AQUAFUNC project has been to integrate the outcome of projects funded i ...
AQUAGENOME  Download (166,555 kb)
AQUAGENOME - Genomics in fish and shellfish: from research to aquaculture
The objectives of AQUAGENOME are:
1. to coordinate the ongoing and future national and internat ...
BASSMAP  Download (1,178172 Mb)
BASSMAP - Building a roadmap of the European sea bassís genes
The main objective of the BASSMAP project was to prepare a genetic linkage map of sea bass, a detailed roadmap of ...
REPROFISH  Download (343,722 kb)
REPROFISH - Understanding and communicating fish reproduction research
The project's objective is to summarise the most important breakthroughs in terms of fish reproductio ...