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Food safety, quality, traceability and marketing

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ALGADEC  Download (332,424 kb)
ALGADEC - A new tool in the war against harmful toxin-producing algae
The ALGADEC project developed an automated biological sensor for a rapid detection of toxic algae.
BIOTOX  Download (162,601 kb)
BIOTOX - Alternative methods for biotoxin detection and depuration in shellfish
The BIOTOX project focusses on the lipophylic (lipid soluble) shellfish toxins that cause DSP. T ...
DAPAFF  Download (153,396 kb)
DAPAFF - Investigating the uptake of dioxins and dioxin-like PCBs by farmed salmon from feed
The purpose of the DAPAFF project was to examine the uptake of dioxins by farmed sa ...
ECOHARM  Download (149,259 kb)
ECOHARM - Socio-economic Impact of Harmful Algal Blooms in European Marine Waters
The ECOHARM project aimed at integrating existing knowledge on biological and geographical asp ...
EUROSALMON  Download (255,955 kb)
EUROSALM - Towards an improved quality of smoked salmon for the European consumer
The main objectives of the EUROSALMON project were to improve the quality of smoked salmon by ...
OT-SAFE  Download (54,322 kb)
OT-SAFE - Organotins in seafood: an issue for human health?
The aim of the OT-SAFE project was to establish the risk of TBT for the European seafood consumer.
SALMAR  Download (315,140 kb)
SALMAR - Prices and margins along the European Seafood value chain
SALMAR has studied the implications of the expansion of the salmon farming sector on the European seafood sup ...
SHELLFISH  Download (161,997 kb)
SHELLFISH - An accelerated detoxification system for live marine shellfish contaminated by algal PSP toxins
The objective of the project was to detoxify shellfish in 4 or 6 day ...
TRACEFISH  Download (218,826 kb)
TRACEFISH - Establishing standards for the traceability of seafood products
The aim of the project was to bring together companies and research institutes to establish common v ...