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Diversification and Conservation

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LUCIOPERCA  Download (146,565 kb)
LUCIOPERCA - Bio-economic feasibility of intensive pikeperch culture
The overall aim of the LUCIOPERCA project was to assess the technical and economical feasibility of intensi ...
LUCIOPERCIMPROVE  Download (152,287 kb)
LUCIOPERCIMPROVE - Improving pikeperch larval quality and production
In order to support the development and sustainability of pikeperch farms recently established in several E ...
PERCATECH  Download (168,44 kb)
PERCATECH - Securing the production of Eurasian perch juveniles
PERCATECH was completed in September 2006 and had as its main objective to secure the production of Eurasian per ...
PROTENCH  Download (205,796 kb)
PROTENCH - Intensive and sustainable culture of the freshwater fish species tench
This project aimed to develop and optimise a procedure for the artificial reproduction of tenc ...
REPRO-DOTT  Download (241,581 kb)
REPRO-DOTT - Reproduction of the Bluefin Tuna in captivity
As main results of the research conducted under REPRO-DOTT, the knowledge on the reproductive cycle of the BFT in the ...
SCALQUAL  Download (238,219 kb)
SCALQUAL - Doubling European production of the great scallop
The main objective of SCALQUAL was to increase the European production of the great scallop.
SEAPURA  Download (189,893 kb)
SEAPURA - Using seaweed to purify effluents from aquaculture farms - and lots more!
The SEAPURA project focused on the use of seaweeds (marine macroalgae) as an environmentally ...
SPIINES2  Download (267,933 kb)
SPIINES2 - Addressing the constraints for commercial sea urchin aquaculture
SPIINES 2 focused on the two most commonly fished, farmed and consumed sea urchin species in Europe, ...
TURPRO  Download (193,488 kb)
TURPRO - Improving productivity on turbot farms
TURPRO aimed to enhance productivity throughout the turbot production chain, from juvenile fish to the market.