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Fish Welfare

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AQUAFIRST  Download (229,447 kb)
AQUAFIRST - Selective breeding to improve disease and stress resistance in fish and shellfish
The AQUAFIRST project seeks to identify genes associated with stress and disease r ...
BENEFISH  Download (158,518 kb)
BENEFISH - Evaluating the economic impact of maintaining the welfare of farmed fish
This project aims to produce a scientific basis for comparing the biological effects and mon ...
FASTFISH  Download (220,784 kb)
FASTFISH - Identifying quantifiable indicators of stress in farmed fish
The main goal of this project is to develop the first database and expert system for on farm welfare and ...
FINEFISH  Download (391,720 kb)
FINE FISH - Reduction of malformations of juvenile fish in hatcheries
These studies aim to provide practical guidelines on how to avoid malformations.
ORCIS  Download (302,963 kb)
ORCIS - Eliminating lordosis and improving musculoskeletal growth in sea bass
The results of the project will help in the understanding of the reasons for vertebral deformities ...
WEALTH  Download (213,943 kb)
WEALTH - Improving the health and welfare of farmed fish
The project aimed to gain an in-depth understanding of the factors affecting the health of farmed fish and identify the ...
WELLFISH  Download (207,199 kb)
WELLFISH - A network on fish welfare in European aquaculture
The principal aim of this Action is to bring all relevant stakeholders together to provide such a synthesis to cont ...