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Environmental issues

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AQCESS  Download (198,512 kb)
AQCESS - Are aquaculture and coastal fishing sustainable?
There are many reports, particularly in newspapers and on the television, that portray a lurid picture of fish farming ...
BIOFAQS  Download (206,967 kb)
BIOFAQS - How effective are biological filters in reducing the environmental impact of finfish cages?
Biofiltration is a technique designed to control pollution, whereby use is ...
ECASA  Download (226,97 kb)
ECASA - An ecosystem approach for sustainable aquaculture
The focus of the project is to provide industry and regulators with tested tools and methods for assessing assimilativ ...
EMPAFISH  Download (206,160 kb)
EMPAFISH - Marine Protected Areas in southern Europe as a tool for ecosystem conservation and fisheries management
The projects main goal is to promote a basis for responsible ...
FRAP  Download (219,713 kb)
FRAP - Reconciling fishermen and fish-eating vertebrates
The FRAP project's main objective was to develop such a generic Framework for biodiversity Reconciliation Action Pl ...
GENESIS  Download (658,286 kb)
GENESIS - Sustainable integrated marine multi-trophic aquaculture in Europe
The GENESIS project developed four prototypes of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) systems ...
GenImpact  Download (248,222 kb)
GenImpact - Investigating the genetic co-existence of fishing and aquaculture activities
GENIMPACT will integrate current knowledge of the impact of aquaculture on the genetics ...
IMEW  Download (255,289 kb)
IMEW - Why local people should get involved in wetland management
The "Integrated Management of European Wetlands" (IMEW) project examined the relationship between so ...
MEDVEG  Download (359,221 kb)
MEDVEG - Do marine cages affect Mediterranean vegetation?
The objectives of MEDVEG were to examine potential effects of nutrients released during fish farming on macroalgae and ...
MERAMED  Download (217,509 kb)
MERAMED - A tool to monitor the environmental impact of marine fish cage farms in the Mediterranean
The MERAMED project aimed to develop a model based control system for the en ...
REDCAFE  Download (211,278 kb)
REDCAFE - Reducing the conflict between Cormorants and fisheries on a pan-European Scale
REDCAFE aimed at synthesizing available information on Cormorant conflicts by looking a ...
SALIMPACT  Download (220,466 kb)
SALIMPACT - The impact of salmon farming on the genetic variation in wild populations of Atlantic salmon and brown trout
The aim of SALIMPACT was to assess the extent to which ...
SAMI  Download (234,137 kb)
SAMI - Trawling aquaculture-environment research to enhance accessibility
The SAMI project will review and synthesise the current knowledge in the field of environment and aqua ...