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Control of fish diseases

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AQUAFIRST  Download (229,447 kb)
AQUAFIRST - Selective breeding to improve disease and stress resistance in fish and shellfish
The AQUAFIRST project seeks to identify genes associated with stress and disease r ...
DIPNET  Download (636,166 kb)
DIPNET - Learning more about the transfer of pathogens in the sea
The principal objective of the DIPNET project was to strengthen the current scientific knowledge on potential ...
EPIZONE  Download (207,896 kb)
EPIZONE - Fighting epizootic diseases by improving excellence
The mission of EPIZONE is to improve research on preparedness, prevention, detection and control of epizootic dise ...
EUROCARP  Download (145,459 kb)
EUROCARP - Increasing carp resistance to bacterial and viral infections
EUROCARP intends to make carp less susceptible to diseases and stress by identifying genes contributing ...
FISHAID  Download (215,815 kb)
FISHAID - Controlling infectious diseases by stimulating larval defence mechanisms
The FISHAID project aimed to examine the immune defence status during ontogenic development o ...
IMAQUANIM  Download (149,195 kb)
IMAQUANIM - Technological knowledge-platform for a future improved immunity to infectious diseases in aquaculture
The aim of the project is to develop technology to improve the ...
ISA  Download (302,902 kb)
ISA - Methods for the detection and the control of Infectious Salmon Anaemia
The objectives of the ISA project were to develop and standardise rapid methods to detect the infec ...
MYXFISHCONTROL  Download (384,917 kb)
MYXFISHCONTROL - Controlling the dispersion of enteric myxosporosis in the Mediterranean
The project aim to evaluate the status of the disease in Mediterranean sparid cultures ...
PANDA  Download (204,838 kb)
PANDA - A permanent advisory network for diseases in aquaculture
The aim of the PANDA project is to establish a permanent network of aquatic animal health specialists, includin ...
RANA  Download (185,383 kb)
RANA - Identifying disease risk to native fish from ornamental fish species
The RANA project aims to demonstrate to what extent the ranaviruses pose a threat to the major speci ...
RMBC  Download (355,229 kb)
RMBC - How to avoid disease outbreaks: fight bacteria with bacteria
The concept of “pre-emptive colonisation” is one of the well-referenced modes of action of probiotic bacteri ...
SALMOGYRO  Download (253,555 kb)
SALMOGYRO - Understanding the genetic basis for resistance to Gyrodactylus salaris in Atlantic salmon
The main aim of the project was to gain an understanding of the interactio ...
SEARCH  Download (205,820 kb)
SEARCH - Sea lice resistance to chemotherapeutants
Its aim was to develop methods for monitoring sea lice resistance against chemotherapeutants, chart its incidence, and explor ...
SUMBAWS  Download (235,883 kb)
SUMBAWS - Sea lice: a salmonid’s tale
The project was set up to investigate sea lice infestation on wild and farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and sea trout (Salmo trutta).