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Sustainable feeds for fish farming

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AQUAMAX  Download (210,285 kb)
AQUAMAX - Formulating fish diets to maximise human health benefits
The basic aim of AQUAMAX is to develop feeds based on sustainable alternatives to fish meal and fish oil to p ...
FORM  Download (214,817 kb)
FORM - Thematic network on fish meal and oil replacement
The FORM network had the following objectives:
- to optimise scientific networking, management and coordination ...
GUTINTEGRITY  Download (206,516 kb)
GUTINTEGRITY - Are appetite, intestinal structure and function of salmonids adversely affected by feeds containing vegetable lipids?
The concept of GUTINTEGRITY was based on th ...
PUFAFEED  Download (230,829 kb)
PUFAFEED - Substituting fish oil with marine microalgae in fish feed production
The main aim of the PUFAfeed project was the production of these PUFA-rich microorganisms as an ...
RAFOA  Download (221,878 kb)
RAFOA - Using vegetable oils as alternatives to fish oils in aquaculture
In the RAFOA project, the four main European aquaculture species Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, sea ba ...
SELFISH  Download (663,391 kb)
SELFISH - Optimising feeding efficiency by analysing the fish's need for macronutrients
The geometric analysis of dietary selection represents a major innovation in this fi ...