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New technologies and Infrastructure

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AQUAETREAT  Download (393,161 kb)
AQUAETREAT - Farming out waste to help the environment
AQUAETREAT is looking at the need for fish farms to improve the management of wastewater and solids, to minimise pollutio ...
CRAB  Download (249,760 kb)
CRAB: Towards European Best Practice in marine aquaculture biofouling
Biofouling is a complex and recurring problem in all sectors of the European fishfarming industry. The pro ...
CSN-INTRAN  Download (170,642 kb)
CSN-INTRAN - A network to support innovation in European aquaculture
The Aquaculture Innovation Network was an initiative supported by the European Commission, to enhance innov ...
DESIGNACT  Download (213,581 kb)
DESIGNACT - Facing the unmet needs in European aquaculture
DesignACT is aiming to design a European Aquaculture Centre of Technology (ACT), a large‐scale experimental fac ...
ESCAPEPROOFNET  Download (173,517 kb)
ESCAPEPROOFNET - An escape-proof net for cod, bass and bream fish farming
The project aims to develop a sea cage net system especially suitable for farming of the above mention ...
FISHTANKRECIRC  Download (228,668 kb)
FISHTANKRECIRC - Improving water quality in recirculation systems by means of electrocoagulation
FISHTANKRECIRC aimed to improve the filtration process in RAS using electrocoagu ...
INTELFISHTANK  Download (150,514 kb)
INTELFISHTANK - Development of an "intelligent fish tank" for cost-effective aquaculture production
The aim of the INTELFISHTANK project is to develop a cost effectiv ...