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European Policies and Aquaculture

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AQCESS  Download (198,512 kb)
AQCESS - Are aquaculture and coastal fishing sustainable?
There are many reports, particularly in newspapers and on the television, that portray a lurid picture of fish farming ...
AQUAFLOW  Download (204,542 kb)
AQUAFLOW - Bridging the gap between science and industry
The network provided information on the results and progress of EUfunded and Nationally funded programmes of aquacultur ...
CONSENSUS  Download (216,121 kb)
CONSENSUS - Towards the sustainable development of European aquaculture
CONSENSUS is a platform for sustainable aquaculture in Europe, created with the specific objective of de ...
ECASA  Download (226,97 kb)
ECASA - An ecosystem approach for sustainable aquaculture
The focus of the project is to provide industry and regulators with tested tools and methods for assessing assimilative ...
ERMES  Download (214,457 kb)
ERMES - European research for Mediterranean seafood
ERMES is a European project aiming at supporting access to research and development activities and to new technologies for S ...
FEUFAR  Download (221,872 kb)
FEUFAR: Future of European fisheries and aquaculture research
FEUFAR focuses on the research that will be required in the next 10 years so as to allow for the exploitation and ...
GENIMPACT  Download (248,222 kb)
GENIMPACT - Investigating the genetic co-existence of fishing and aquaculture activities
GENIMPACT will integrate current knowledge of the impact of aquaculture on the genetics ...
IMPACTFISH  Download (198,263 kb)
IMPACT FISH - Maximising the value of EU-funded research in fisheries, aquaculture and seafood processing
Impact assessment of the FP4 and FP5 research programmes on fisheries, ...
IMPASSE  Download (142,56 kb)
IMPASSE - Reducing the impact of alien fish species
The overall goal of the IMPASSE project is to develop:
- guidelines for environmentally sound practices for introduct ...
MUTFISHARE  Download (201,774 kb)
MUTFISHARE: Bringing together European Fisheries and aquaculture research institute
The MUTFISHARE objectives were to stimulate cooperation on fisheries and aquaculture science ...
PANDA  Download (204,838 kb)
PANDA - A permanent advisory network for diseases in aquaculture
The aim of the PANDA project is to establish a permanent network of aquatic animal health specialists, includin ...
PROFET  Download (208,652 kb)
PROFET - European Workshops on RTD Requirements for Professional Aquaculture
During the course of the project, 5 regional PROFET workshops were organised that formed a Europe-w ...
SEACASE  Download (308,184 kb)
SEACASE - Promoting extensive and semi-intensive aquaculture in southern Europe
The SEACASE project has been set up in order to develop effective tools for the maintenance of c ...
SEAFOODPLUS  Download (217,782 kb)
SEAFOODPLUS - Seafood for a better life
The strategic objective of this multidisciplinary Integrated Programme is to reduce health problems, to prevent major diseases and to in ...
SUSTAINAQUA  Download (386,834 kb)
SUSTAINAQUA - Focusing on sustainable and healthy freshwater aquaculture
SUSTAINAQUA is a three-year collective research project that aims to make freshwater aquaculture more s ...