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Background documents

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2006 - State of World Aquaculture FAO  Download (204,345 kb)
2007 - Guide for the Sustainable Development of Mediterranean Aquaculture IUCN  Download (2,251196 Mb)
1. Guide for the Sustainable Development of Mediterranean Aquaculture: Interaction between Aquaculture and the Environment
2009 - Aquaculture site selection and site management - IUCN  Download (4,53358 Mb)
2. Guide for the Sustainable Development of Mediterranean Aquaculture
2009 - Commercial aquaculture and economic growth, poverty alleviation and food security FAO  Download (1,877618 Mb)
Assessment Framework (Technical Paper)
2009 - Key Messages - SCAR Foresight  Download (227,318 kb)
This document is a summary of the key conclusions of a foresight exercise made by the SCAR (Standing Committee on Agriculture Research) in 2009
2010 - Advancing the Aquaculture Agenda:  Download (130,164 kb)
OECD Conference - April 2010 Chair's Summary of the Workshop Proceedings
2010 - Aquaculture: global status and trends  Download (1,301106 Mb)
Authors: John Bostock, Brendan McAndrew, Randolph Richards, Kim Jauncey, Trevor Telfer, Kai Lorenzen,David Little, Lindsay Ross, Neil Handisyde, Iain Gatward and Richard Corner
2010 - Aquaculture: Responsible practices and certification IUCN  Download (1,115730 Mb)
3. Guide for the Sustainable Development of Mediterranean Aquaculture
2010 - Can a growing aquaculture industry continue to use FM and FO in feeds and remain sustainable?  Download (251,695 kb)
Report from the Secretariat of the EP intergroup "Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development"
2010 - Defining environmental risk assessment criteria for GM fishes to be placed in the EU market  Download (1,994171 Mb)
Scientific Technical Report submitted to EFSA
2010 - FAO Technical Guidelines for Responsible Fisheries  Download (1,804971 Mb)
Aquaculture Development - Ecosystem Approach to Aquaculture
2010 - MediterraneOn  Download (3,989432 Mb)
Defining sustainability indicators for Mediterranean Aquaculture FOESA
2010 - Synthesis of Mediterranean Marine FinFish Aquaculture - a Marketing and Promotion Strategy  Download (4,502774 Mb)
General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean
2010 - The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture FAO  Download (1,700004 Mb)
SOFIA 2010
2011 - FAO Technical Guidelines on Aquaculture Certification  Download (341,142 kb)
Version Adopted by the 29th Session of Committee on Fisheries (COFI) held in Rome, Italy from 31 January to 04 February 2011
2011 - Private standards and certification in fisheries and aquaculture FAO  Download (1,63938 Mb)
Current practice and emerging issues
2011 - The Future of Food and Farming  Download (9,341297 Mb)
Challenges and choices for global sustainability