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How to become a member

1) For professional companies, the fees in any year are calculated on the basis of the published financial results of the financial year 24 months before. Turnover in €, as indicated in the table below, is the basis for fee calculation. Companies are required to provide a copy of the published P/L accounts and balance sheet, authorised (signature & stamp) by a senior officer of the company. In case the corporate turnover includes revenues from other sectors than aquaculture, a statement to this fact and amount, authorised by a senior representative, is required.

Professional Companies

€ FeeVotes
up to 12.5  €500 1
12.5-25  €1,000 2
25-50  €1,500 3
50-100  €2,000 4
100-199  €3,000 6
200-399  €4,500 9
400-799  €7,000 14
800-1599  €10,000 20
1,600-3,200  €15,000 30
>3,200  €20,000 45

2) For RTD institutes/Universities, the fees are calculated on staffing levels of persons (researchers/technicians working on aquaculture) in the previous year. Institutes/ Universities must provide a statement to this effect, authorised (signature and stamp) by a senior representative.

Research Organisations

1-5€500  1
6-10€1,000  2
11-20€1,500  3
21-40€2,000  4
41-80€2,500  5
81+€ 3000  6

3) Associations, Federations and Civil Society organisations that are representative of aquaculture pay a block fee of € 500 each year and have 5 votes.

4) Associate Members (individual persons) pay an annual fee of €100 but have no voting rights.

What are the responsibilities of Membership?

Membership of EATIP - which is a registered non-profit Association - has the obligation of payment of an annual fee, on the basis of a system that is fixed and approved by the General Assembly, which is composed of EATIP member organisations. A member that does not honour its annual paymnent will be considered to have resigned.
Members can resign at any time from EATIP by providing - by registered post - a signed letter addressed to the chairperson. Resignation only takes effect at the end of the financial year during which the resignation was communicated.

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