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Thematic Areas

The Thematic Areas are the driving force of EATIP, having specific tasks within their remit.

The chair and facilitator, together with their Core Group members and Working Group leaders, constitute the Thematic Area.

The Mission of eachThematic Area is to:

  1. Develop outlines and proposals for integration into the EATIP’s Vision Document, Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) and Implementation Plan.
  2. Provide the interface on national and European policies and legislation for issues specific to the interests and activities of the Thematic Area.
  3. Seek added-value and enhanced impact through interactions with other Thematic Areas and Working Groups of the EATiP and other European Technology Platforms
  4. Publicise and promote their activities within the structure of the EATiP.
  5. Initiate and, where appropriate, manage projects that reflect the interests and activities of the Thematic Area.

Each Thematic Area is developing a Vision document, a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) and a Plan of Action (PoA). These documents - related specifically to the field of expertise of each individual TA - will be integrated into the overarching EATIP Vision and in the accompanying SRIA and PoA.

Within the structure and interests of EATiP, eight identifiable thematic areas of interest have been created, each of which influences the long term sustainability of European Aquaculture:

The activities of the EATiP Thematic Areas are assisted by the "Aquainnova" project: “Supporting governance and multi-stakeholder participation in aquaculture research and innovation” (a FP7 Support Action)