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Operating Council

The Chair and Facilitators of each Thematic Area (TA) are members of the EATIP Operating Council, representing their Thematic Area.

The Operating Council is responsible for:

  • Execution of the Mission of the Thematic Areas 
  • Populating the Thematic Areas by 
    • Establishing Core Groups
    • Establishing specific Working Groups
  • Convening meetings and reporting from them
  • Providing recommendations to the Operating Council for the advice and proposals that the Council gives to the Board of Directors
  • Attend meetings of the Operating Council as representative of the Thematic Area

The Chair of a TA represents the industry (EATIP being  an industry-driven network) while the Facilitator represents the RTDI sector concerned by the TA. Both should have proven experience in the subject matter of the Thematic Area.

They are responsible for presenting their individual TA Vision, Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and Plan of Action documents to the Council, engaging in dialogue with the other Members of the Council  to make recommendations for the overall EATIP Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

The recommendations that the Operating Council gives to the Board of Directors are submitted later to the Assembly for final approval.