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TA 2. Technology & Systems

Chair: Ulrik Ulriksen - Ocea Group (Norway)
Facilitator: László Váradi – HAKI Research Institute (Hungary)
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VISION statement:

"To advance aquaculture industry technologies and systems so that Europe can become an environmentally and economically sustainable net supplier of seafood, characterised by a safe and attractive working environment."

Identified KEY GOALS:

    1. Ensure an environmentally sustainable industry by the application of new knowledge and technology innovations
    2. Meet the demand for aquaculture products in Europe by the development of efficient technologies to support continued growth
    3. Ensure the profitability of the aquaculture industry by developing improved management systems and technology
    4. Ensure technology for ethical and healthy production of high quality aquatic products


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Access to TA2 Thematic Area Documents

Relevant EU funded RTD Projects:

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ADAPOND (FP7) - Development of an automatic process of in-house collection, storage and application of adaptive bacteria culture for fish farms

ALFA (FP6) - An innovative fully automated system for the continuous production of phytoplankton (algae) as live feed in aquaculture hatcheries

ALGADEC (FP6) - Development of rRNA biosensors for the detection of toxic algae

AQUAFIRST (FP6) - Enrichement of aquaculture implants by introduction of new marine species from the wild to breeding

AQUALABS (FP6) - Advanced laboratory training courses in aquaculture for early stage researchers

AQUAMED (FP7) - The future of aquaculture research in the Mediterranean region

BIOTOXMARIN (FP6) - Development of novel analitic tools for the detection of marine biotoxins

BLUESEED(FP6) - Technology development for a reliable supply of high quality seed in blue mussel farming

BRIGHTANIMAL (FP7) - A multi-disciplinary approach to Practical Precision Livestock Farming for SMEs in Europe and world-wide

CLOSEDFISHCAGE (FP7) - Development of an innovative, cost-effective environmentally friendly closed cage for sea-based fish farming 

CODE-EFABAR  (FP6) - A code of good practice for farm animal breeding and reproduction

COEXIST (FP7) - Interaction in European coastal waters: A roadmap to sustainable integration of aquaculture and fisheries

CRAB (FP6) - Collective Research on Aquaculture Biofouling

DESIGNACT (FP6) - Designing the aquaculture centre of technology - facing the unmet needs in European aquaculture

ECASA (FP6) - Ecosystem approach to sustainable aquaculture

ESCAPEPROOFNET  (FP6) - Escapes in European Aquaculture- Development of an Escape-proof Net especially for Cod, Bass and Bream fish farming

FISHTANKRECIRC (FP6) - Development of electro-coagulation technique for optimal cleaning efficiency and maximum reuse of water in land based fish farming

FRESHLABEL (FP6) - Integrated approach to enable traceability of the cooling chain of fresh and frozen meat and fish products by means of tailor made time/temperature indicators

INTELFISHTANK (FP6) - Development of an intelligent fish tank for cost effective aquaculture through control of water quality in each different fish tank

Lobsterplant (FP7) - Developing automated technology for individual monitoring and feeding of lobster in land based systems

LUCIOPERCIMPROVE (FP6) - Improving egg and larval quality in pikeperch by broodstock management, husbandry and nutrition and sex control 

MarineTT (FP7) - European marine research knowledge transfer and uptake of results

OPTOCO2FISH(FP7) - An Opto-chemical Carbon Dioxide Sensor dedicated to Aquaculture and Oceanography Applications

PHARMAPOX (FP6) - Chemistry, pharmacology and bioactivity of a novel apoptotic compound - a sex regulator in decapod crustaceans with promising environmental and medical applications

PREVENT ESCAPE (FP7) - Assessing the causes and developing measures to prevent the escape of fish from sea-cage aquaculture

RACEWAYS (FP6) - A hyper-intensive fish farming concept for lasting competitiveness and superior production 

SEACASE (FP6) - Sustainable extensive and semi-intensive coastal aquaculture in southern Europe

SELFDOTT (FP7) - From capture based to self-sustained aquaculture

SENSBIOSYN (FP7) - Biosensors and sensors for the industrial biosynthesis process of widely used commercial antioxidants: Nutraceuticals as additives of food and aquaculture promoting public health and safety

SHELLPLANT (FP7) - Development of a novel production system for intensive and cost effective bivalve farming

SMARTCATCH (FP7) - The development of a novel remote sensing system to increase safety, efficiency and reduce environmental effects in fishing and aquaculture sector

SPEAR (FP6) - Sustainable options for people, catchment and aquatic resources

SubCTest (FP7) - Assessing the causes and developing measures to prevent the escape of fish from sea-cage aquaculture 

SUDEVAB (FP7) - Sustainable development of European SMEs engaged in Abalone

SUSTAINAQUA (FP6) - Integrated approach for a sustainable and healthy freshwater aquaculture

These Technical Leaflets are an output of the Aquainnova Project "Supporting governance and multi-stakeholder participation in aquaculture research and innovation" - a support action financed under the EU Seventh Framework Programme assisting the Thematic Areas of EATIP in the development of their Vision, SRIA and PoA.

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