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TA 1. Product quality, Consumer Safety & Health

Chair: Arne Sorvig - (Norway)
Facilitators: Maria Leonor Nunes – IPIMAR (Portugal), Iciar Martinez - CSIC (Spain)
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VISION statement:

"To build a sustainable, cost-effective competitive advantage through the production of high quality, healthy, nutritious and safe seafood, accompanied by scientific data documenting these facts and communicating these effectively to relevant interests groups and consumers."

Identified KEY GOALS:

    1. To maximise the health benefits of aquaculture products
    2. To ensure the continuing safety of aquaculture products
    3. To deliver high quality European aquaculture products - fully meeting consumer expectations including appearance, taste, texture, nutrition and provenance claims
    4. To understand the dynamics of European seafood markets


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Access to TA1 Thematic Area Documents

Relevant EU funded RTD Projects:

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ALGADEC (FP6) - Development of rRNA-Biosensors for the detection of Toxic Algae

AQUAFIRST (FP6) -  Enrichement of aquaculture implants by introduction of new marine species from the wild to breeding

AQUALABS (FP6) - Advanced laboratory training courses in aquaculture for early stage researchers

AQUAMAX (FP6) - Sustainable aquafeeds to maximise the health benefits of farmed fish for consumers

AQUAMED (FP7) - The future of aquaculture research in the Mediterranean region

BASELINE (FP7) - Selection and improving of fit-for-purpose sampling procedures for specific foods and risks

BENEFISH (FP6) - Evaluating the economic impact of maintaining the welfare of farmed fish

BIOTOX (FP6) - Development of cost-effective tools for risk management and traceability systems for marine biotoxins in seafood

BIOTOXMARIN (FP6) - Development of novel analytic tools for the detection of marine biotoxins

CODE-EFABAR (FP6) - A Code of Good Practice for farm animal breeding and reproduction

COMPETUS (FP6) - Genetic improvement of farmed Sea Bass Dicentrachus labrax: strain testing and response to selection

CONFFIDENCE (FP7) - Contaminants in food and feed: inexpensive detection for control of exposure

CONSENSUS (FP6) - Multi-stakeholder platform for sustainable aquaculture in Europe

DETECTOX (FP6) - Development of an SPR-based biosensor for the detection of lipophilic phycotoxins in shellfish residues

EMIDA (FP7) - Coordination of European research on emerging and major infectious diseases of livestock 

ERMES (FP6) - European research for Mediterranean seafood

ESTTAL (FP6) - Expressed Sequence Tag (EST) Analysis of Toxic Algae

EUROCARP (FP6) - Disease and Stress Resistant Common Carp: Combining Quantitative, Genomic and Proteomic and Immunological marker technologies to identify high performance strains, families and individuals 

FASTFISH (FP6) - On farm assessment of stress level in fish

FEEDFATSAFETY (FP6) - Quality and safety of feeding fats obtained from waste or by-products from the food chain

FINEFISH (FP6) - Reduction of malformations of juvenile fish in hatcheries

FLABEL (FP7) - Food Labelling to Advance Better Education for Life

FRESHLABEL (FP6) - Integrated approach to enable traceability of the cooling chain of fresh and frozen meat and fish products by means of tailor made Time/Temperature Indicators (TTI)

HABIT (FP6) - Harmful algal blooms species in thin layers

IMAQUANIM (FP6) - Improved immunity of aquaculture animals

MarineTT  (FP7) - European marine research knowledge transfer and uptake of results  

MYCORED (FP7) - Novel integrated strategies for worldwide mycotoxin reduction in food and feed chains

PANDA (FP6) - Permanent network to strengthen expertise on infectious diseases of aquaculture species and scientific advice to EU policy

PARAQUAM (FP6) - Parasite pathogens in new species of Mediterranean aquaculture: an experimental approach

REPROFISH (FP6) - Understanding and communicating fish reproduction research

SEACASE (FP6) - Promoting extensive and semi-intensive aquaculture in southern Europe 

SEAFOODPLUS pillar one (FP6) - Seafood for a better life

SUSTAINAQUA (FP6) - Integrated approach for a sustainable and healthy freshwater aquaculture

WELLFISH (FP6) - Welfare of fish in European Aquaculture

These Technical Leaflets are an output of the Aquainnova Project  “Supporting governance and multi-stakeholder participation in aquaculture research and innovation" - a support action financed under the EU Seventh Framework Programme assisting the Thematic Areas of EATIP in the development of their Vision, SRIA and PoA.