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“The development of effective ‘European Technology Platforms’ can help ensure European investment in R&D rapidly and effectively:

  • Delivers benefits to the European citizen;
  • Creates competitiveness for our companies; and
  • Ends the situation in which high EU R&D investment often produces fewer than expected benefits."

European Research Advisory Board (EURAB)

Become part of this innovative multi-stakeholder platform for European aquaculture.

The European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform provides a unique opportunity for all who are involved in European aquaculture to help shape its future, through a participative consensual approach and dialogue with the different players within the sector.

  • Identify and define priorities for research and development in the aquaculture value-chain by contributing to the work of the 8 EATIP Thematic Areas (TAs) of interest, composed by senior representatives of EATIP Member organisations and coordinated by experienced professionals and researchers.
  • Play a key role in ensuring an adequate focus of funding on areas of RTD that have high relevance for the professional sector.

Priorities identified within the EATIP Research and Innovation Agenda will be submitted to the European Commission and to National and International Research Agencies to assist in the implementation of future EU and national research work programmes. Moreover, priorities identified within a regional scope will be submitted to the appropriate authorities.  

Become a member and help make real innovation change in European aquaculture.
Become a member and you will have access to the latest information on innovative RTD actions and be able to participate in developing and implementing strategies that will promote and enhance European aquaculture.

The involvement of a broad range of stakeholders increases efficiency and effectiveness and is a key to the success of the sector and of all technology platforms!

 How to become a member
The involvement of a broad range of stakeholders increases efficiency and effectiveness and is key to the success of technology platforms!